From the rapid and massive impact of the COVID-19 in China, it’s clear this is no ordinary seasonal influenza virus.

In a matter of twelve weeks, it has brought the mighty Chinese technology and financial empire to its knees. Quite rightly, the Government of China, views this virus as an existential threat. Something is different about this virus. It seems important to ask, what this difference is?

First we turn to Republican Senator, decorated war veteran, attorney and Harvard graduate. Defense of our country is important to many Republicans in congress and Senator Cotton is one of them.

If there is something unusually destructive about this virus, it’s important to know it. Senator Cotton indicated in early February that this might be a biological warfare weapon. He is correct, and this article will make that clear.

However, generally speaking, the political Left in academia, can never miss the chance to smear Republicans in congress.  

Unfortunately the political Left is already adopted and using a statement by distinguished microbiology / chemical biology professor Richard Ebright. Ebright called Senator Cotton’s statement “irresponsible” and stated that he had reviewed the genome of the Novel Corona Virus and found it had not been modified. While the statement had no political intent, it’s already been weaponized by the political Left. And in fact the statement about the biological weapons status of the virus is not correct. Here is some information to shed light on this question.


There are two ways to determine this. One is if the virus is held and controlled by military which engages in biological warfare. The second is the genome of the virus and just as importantly, the behavior of the virus after it is unleashed into the population.

The virus itself was stolen from the Canadian Microbiology Laboratory in 2017 or before and sent to China. It was sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The Wuhan Virology Institute has two components. One is that of the China Academy of Science, which is civilian. But it has a second division which is that of the People’s Liberation Army biological warfare corps.

Scientists and technicians from the Academic part are not allowed into the military part of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. They are separate in their activities.

Basically the virus was stolen from the Canadian Microbiology Laboratory and ended in the hands of a biological warfare military unit. This makes the statements of Ebright appear premature and dangerous.

Professor Ebright backtracked a bit and said that the virus might have been leaked accidentally from the Wuhan Institute, admitting that he understands it did not originate in the Wuhan Fish and Animal Market.

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Survival strategies… Coronavirus Pandemic 2020
A virus weaponized in China for biological warfare

Whether the virus was modified by inserting new material into the virus or not is beside the point… it is a biological weapon in any case.

A second means of determining whether a virus is a biological weapon is whether it has unusual characteristics not associated with known behavior of that type virus after it is found in the population.

The Novel Coronavirus has very very unusual behaviors. Here are just a few.

It has unheard of incubation periods and it is infectious during that time, which other such viruses in our experience are not.

The incubation period, meaning the time from infection to the time symptoms occurs are reportedly AT LEAST 14 days for the COVID-19. And now the incubation period appears to be even longer.

Health officials in Heilongjiang Province in China have established the incubation period as 21 days. Experts say the incubation period may be as many as 24 days. During that time, the infected person is spreading the disease without symptoms.

The median period of of SARS and MERS viruses is about 5 days. And spread of the disease begins AFTER symptoms occurs.

This “behavior” of COVID-19 may be by chance, but it appears to be the perfect biological weapon. Spreading fire, death, destruction, and geometic multiplication of infected people for a very long period before the infected spreader is identified.

According the medical journal, Lancet, COVID-19 doubles the number of infected people every 6.4 days. Just doing the math it’s quite easy to reach a million infected people in a month. This virus is even more infectious than the 1918 pandemic virus.

And finally regarding the distinguished Professor Ebrights’s assertion that no modification to the genome’s virus had been made, is premature. And he certainly does not have access to Chinese military genome studies on the virus.  


In short, again the political Left is from the start⏤on the attack against those Americans in leadership who are trying to protect the country.

Clearly the Open Borders policy of the Democrat Party and their Democratic Socialist wing, are a superhighway inviting the COVID-19 to come into the country…  and infect numbers of people before it is detected that will lead to the pandemic being out of control. 

To put it bluntly, the evil genie of this biological weapon virus is out of the bottle and there’s no putting it back in. The number of infected people doubles every 6.4 days. But everyone can educate themselves and secure the optimal outcome. Prayer, following our doctor’s advice, and new nutritional methods should all else fail,  contribute to optimal results.

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Survival strategies… Coronavirus Pandemic 2020
A virus weaponized in China for biological warfare

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