Motives for these conspiratorial attacks against the President, by some, are money driven by bureaucrats looking for promotions, or a better job elsewhere with solid pro Hillary Clinton credentials. Some careerist were looking to up their retirement paychecks by promotions. Some were Obama ideologue’s who want a Socialist America and saw Hillary Clinton’s presidency as the way to get it.

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The casualness and stupidity of executing their crime is stunning. Even within the FBI, the conspirators, fancying themselves patriots, called themselves the “Secret Society.” They might as well have called themselves the “Black Hand.”

Lawyer Lisa Page, who was shagging FBI CI Special Agent Peter Strzok is, I have no doubt, now spilling her guts. She sent a plain text message to her lover, the aforementioned Peter Strzok, on how to stop Trump. She had the graciousness to ask “how to, legally?”

Executive Order 12333, Sec. 2.9: “No one acting on behalf of agencies within the Intelligence Community may join or otherwise participate in any organization in the United States on behalf of any agency within the intelligence community without disclosing his intelligence affiliation to appropriate officials of the organization, except in accordance with procedures established by the head of the agency concerned and approved by the attorney general.” Bad news for the “Secret Society.” This reflects poorly on Loretta Lynch as well as James Comey. It also begs the question, why would any party back a candidate who is under investigation by the FBI? The answer is “Corruption.”

If Lynch followed the law as just mentioned, did her office generate the necessary memorandum of approval or understanding? Is such memo available in the Dept. of Justice files? If not, why not? Was this undertaking far too risky to chance documenting it? Those are questions we need to know because Section 2.9 further say’s: Such participation shall be authorized only if it is essential to achieving lawful purposes as determined by the agency head or designee. No such participation may be undertaken for the purpose of influencing the activity of the organization or it’s members in cases where: (a) The participation is undertaken on behalf of the FBI in the course of a lawful investigation, or (b) The organization concerned is composed primarily of individuals who are not United States persons and is reasonably believed to be acting on behalf of a foreign power.”

It’s easy to see that the sex besotted lovers, Strzok and Page conspired, doubtless with their superiors approval in contravention of the cited law, to create the predication for a foreign counterintelligence inquiry that could be returned to American shores circumventing the law prohibiting “undisclosed participation within the US. Their aim was to target Trump’s campaign organization to subvert any chance he had of becoming president. In other words, “Oh my, look what we have here, a foreign intelligence threat, let’s get to work.” I think somebody’s going to prison.

So now we have an ‘alleged’ (phony) counterintelligence operation, organized by the FBI, to create what is known as a “Dangle” operation against Americans, by feeding their false information to a member of the target organization as a fishing lure which, if taken an acted on, would provide sufficient evidence required to support an applications for secret FISA warrants.

But alas, here again, the perps can’t keep their mouths shut. Liza Page sent an open text communication to Strzok asking: “You get all our OCONUS lures approved? OCONUS means outside the continental US. This, as we know occurred in London, UK where Carter Page, after having been fed the lure information by an FBI source, and who was later introduced to the Australian Ambassador himself at a hotel bar, and causally mentioned the info he had been given. In the course of proper diplomatic decorum, the Australian Ambassador forwards the contact with the CI forces who were orchestrating this whole thing and the circle is complete. That was the trap the FBI conspirators laid and while it worked at first, it was a clumsy attempt and, as it turned out in the end, easily disclosed.

Then came the Trump dossier, Hillary Clinton’s invention, as yet another terrible blow against Donald Trump. But now Trump is President and the Democratic wolves are howling in the streets demanding somebody should “Investigate that terrible Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians to deprive Hillary Clinton of her Presidency. Find a true-blue, trusted investigator, “Ah, Robert Mueller, former Director of the FBI who will conduct an impartial investigation and find Evidence of Trumps crimes.

Well, it didn’t happen, so the morally crushed Democrats, still determined to resurrect their champion, cried “Mueller betrayed us, he capitulated to Trump. and he’s a bad person.” The Democrat House must therefore see that justice is done.

The Democrats are now screaming for impeachment. Yes I say, because it will be the golden opportunity to send the Democrat party into hell. The Trial for impeachment will be conducted by the Senate. Forgetting that the Republican Senate will doubtless dismiss the charges, let’s suppose they convene the trial as the rules provide, call witness as the rules provide and introduce evidence, as the rules provide.

I didn’t know that a Republican President could be impeached on crimes committed by Democrats.

Gathering evidence at such trials includes examining and cross-examining witnesses, verifying submitted documents, entering into evidence the sworn statements of witnesses already taken, verifying the truth of those statement by examining the witness’s under oath, thereby turning the Impeachment circus into a horror show for the hapless Democrats.

They asked for it. They should be careful and that’s why I, as a conservative, would like to see an Impeachment trial proceed. It will be like a stake driven into the heart of a Democrat vampire if you accept that sort of thing. We can only hope!

Trump is a president vindicated by their own hand. Their deranged revenge against him will set the Socialist programs back decades. We may even have enough time to correct all the damage they have done to America by reversing the Socialists dogma of free stuff for all, kick all the Communists out of colleges and universities, end the welfare state and return to the rule of law, not the rule of emotions.

Read Part One: I’m a Conservative and I Want a Trump Impeachment Trial