It is Not About Left or Right, But Rather Right or Wrong 

by | Apr 5, 2021 |

There is a right or wrong way to do every single thing in life. Children are to be raised properly in the way they should go so that they do not permanently drift off from the good moral path through life. The United States was founded upon the hallowed principles listed in the Holy Bible. She was also built upon the principles of liberty and personal responsibility. 

For many generations, the Founders and Americans understood that for United States sovereign citizens to remain free, they had also to retain a high moral character. It was also noted that parents were responsible for passing down good moral teachings to their children. Doing so ensured that our nation remained free, competitive, strong, and an overall good place to live. There was a time when most parents, teachers, and ministers stressed the good relationship between a sound education based upon biblical absolutes and the republic’s future.  

Great men like Founding Father John Adams pointed out in 1776 that “Statesmen may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone, which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.” 

Despite the constant hate-filled drumbeat of lies and half-truths, robotic millennials constantly spew forth about how horrible the founding fathers and Ronald Reagan were; history refutes them at every turn. Great men such as Daniel Webster, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Samuel Adams, George Washington, and later Frederick Douglas, George Washington Carver, and Booker T. Washington echoed these same sentiments, believing that the republic’s strength was dependent upon morality of her people. They also understood that the principles of Christianity must undergird it. They all saw the proper education of young minds being at the heart of it.   

In Colonial America, in addition to the Bible and the Bay Psalm Book, the first textbook for schoolchildren, The New England primer, taught the ABCs by children memorizing basic biblical truths and lessons about life:

A—-In Adam’s fall, we sinned all.
B—-Heaven to find, the Bible Mind.
C—Christ crucified for sinners died, and so on. 

Included in the primer were the Old and New Testament books’ names and the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Westminster Assembly Shorter Catechism, and John Cotton’s “Spiritual Milk for American Babes.” The Primer was the second best-selling book in the American colonies (the Bible was the number one selling book). 

In 1836, Noah Webster often called “The Father of American Education” expressed that schools’ purpose was meant for the Christian faith advertisement: which all children, under a freedom-oriented government, ought to be instructed. No truth is more evident in my mind than the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure a free people’s rights and privileges.

Unfortunately, it is self-evident that education in the United States of America has long ago taken a major turn for the undisputable worse. As a result, the quality of parenting and preaching have declined in both overall quality and leadership. The evidence is on display in the streets of many United States cities and small towns. The rioters plundered cities from sea to shining sea. 

The evil indoctrination of students in government schools, disastrous parental guidance, and the many horrific false preachers are the main contributing factors of the deviant behavior exhibited in all facets of American life. In my opinion, the streets of Portland, Oregon can serve as a prime example of what happens when a nation no longer properly educates its generations of young people. 

The Founding Fathers warned that our republic would quickly falter and ultimately fail once Christian-based moral instruction is excluded from education and rearing our youth. Over the years, parents, preachers, and teachers didn’t care enough to do what was right for past generations of young Americans. If they had, I guarantee you that the likes of Chinese concubine Joe Biden and power-hungry Kamala Harris would not be in their present positions of authority.

My Dad used to tell me that the elected officials are a reflection of “We the People.” Unfortunately, Dad was right. But rather than despair, we must regroup and reset our nation on the proper course that I believe God intended and the Founding Fathers recognized. If not, the destroyers now in office will achieve their goal of making the United States into their image as one nation gone under.

Good bless you, God bless America, and may America bless God.

Ron Edwards
Ron Edwards

Ron Edwards produces and hosts The Edwards Notebook, an award-winning syndicated radio commentary. He is a talented and gifted commentator with over three decades of experience “Blowin’ away the Myths and Revealing the Truth. Ron is also a certified chaplain.

Ron Edwards brings to the airwaves unapologetic truth sure to keep his listening audience tuned in every time. He is respected by friends and foe alike for his consistency of conviction and originality in commentary. Go to for news updates and other great stuff. Check out “The Edwards Notebook,” radio commentary now heard on just over 200 great radio outlets from coast to coast.

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