It Is Live Or Die Time America

by | Aug 28, 2020 |

Among the great principles the United States was founded upon are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 
We the People are blessed to reside in a “republic” of rugged individualism and self sufficiency. Since the time before Nimrod, the wicked builder of the first known city until now, no nation or empire used as much of its accumulated wealth to bless and advance the human condition. Since before the founding of the United States until this very moment in time, there have been those demonically inspired individuals and organizations seeking to destroy liberty, equal opportunity and justice for all. 
The resentment of democrats here in the United States facilitated the festering growth and brutality of the global practice of slavery in this the land of the free. Despite their evil mission to oppress blacks and the white abolitionists, the democrats were defeated. Such unyielding freedom fighters like Frederick Douglas, Sam Houston, Harriet Tubman and others were tireless warriors for liberty. Our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln heeded the call of his friend, Frederick Douglas and freed the slaves.   
The democrats have been at war against our land of liberty for far too long. Even the late great democrat Senator Hubert Humphrey, whom I thought was a rare, decent democrat was rumored to have slipped U.S. military secrets to the Viet Cong in the 1960s. With very few exceptions to their rule and mission of destruction, democrats have consistently proposed and have tried to enslave almost all sovereign United States citizens. The leftist democrats have either diminished, or destroyed many great aspects of our republic. 

Perhaps their greatest conquest has been their wicked takeover of the majority of both government and private schools. The result of their dominance of what is indoctrinated into the minds of young Americans, has resulted in 42% of students wanting to be enslaved by socialism.  

The result of the leftists iron grip on the education of American students has resulted in a precipitous decrease in Judeo/Christian values. That development has led to a decline in almost every single sector of society. Over twenty years ago, I explained to some Christian ministers that because they and many other Christian leaders turned their backs on America, evil individuals and organizations would cause our republic to turn away from Christianity. It pains me to realize that to a certain degree I was correct.
Today, many cities including Detroit have large satanic statues. Yet statues of Christian American heroes like Frederick Douglas have been ripped down by cancel culture goons. They have been unleashed onto the streets of our great cities to literally destroy our exceptional way of life.  
The time has come for those of us who love this republic to push back against the evil political darkness being promoted by the democrats. They and their rino and never Trump allies, would rather see the USA destroyed than experience a second Donald Trump presidency with prosperity and liberty for all. The reason they most often state is that they do not like Donald Trump’s personality. When I read about my fellow Christians who find President Trump to be harsh, I shake my head and pray for their addled brains. Either they do not know, or they refuse to recognize that it is a “harsh” personality that is needed during these turbulent times. 
Throughout history God favored men with chutzpah, be they King David of ancient Israel, General George Patton, Gideon, General Douglas MacArthur, Frederick Douglas and Ulysses S. Grant… to name a few.   
It was Ronald Reagan who said, “Freedom is one generation from extinction,” sadly, his words have never rung truer. 
In fact, our precious liberty may be one election from extinction. 
If there is a Democrat victory in 2020, we will be forced upon a path that will literally lead America deep into the hell of socialism. The radical Democrats will shackle our economy with a Green New Deal, force us to give up our unalienable rights, while granting special rights to criminals like illegal border crossers and American street thugs. Under Democrat dominance, there would be even more economic dysfunction and permanent social strife. 

Black Lives Matter cretins will be even more emboldened to wreak havoc and try to force sovereign citizens to live in the misery they are hoping to inflict everywhere throughout our nation. 

My fellow Americans, it is all hands on deck in the effort to save our republic from the Democrats and to restore the principles that made the United States the envy of the world. 
It would also be wise for believers to seek God’s forgiveness for how our republic was allowed to devolve morally, intellectually and spiritually, which opened the door to all the madness and evil so prevalent today to exist. However, I for one remain steadfast in my belief that our nation will rectify her current state of affairs, choose wisely and embrace the positive vision for America proposed by President Trump. 
God bless You, God Bless America and may America bless God. 

Ron Edwards
Ron Edwards

Ron Edwards produces and hosts The Edwards Notebook, an award-winning syndicated radio commentary. He is a talented and gifted commentator with over three decades of experience “Blowin’ away the Myths and Revealing the Truth. Ron is also a certified chaplain.

Ron Edwards brings to the airwaves unapologetic truth sure to keep his listening audience tuned in every time. He is respected by friends and foe alike for his consistency of conviction and originality in commentary. Go to for news updates and other great stuff. Check out “The Edwards Notebook,” radio commentary now heard on just over 200 great radio outlets from coast to coast.

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