As Jews, the World over, are set for the Jewish New year, 5780, in the coming weeks, an election of significant importance to Israel and its affect on World stability, is in play. At the same time, provocative drone attacks have threatened Saudi Arabia oil fields and processing plants which could impact the the cost of Oil and Gas around the globe.

All the major influencers in the Region are active; Iran, Syria, Russia, Hamas, Hezbollah. It also influences US Foreign Policy and its working relationship with Israel. In this Podcast, Native Israeli, Yanki Farber and intelligence analyst, Ilana Freedman join Ray Brookstein to discuss the breadth of issues from the upcoming election to the potential conflicts on Israel’s borders.

There are many questions we need answers for: Is conflict between Iran and Israel likely? What is the US response to provocative actions in the Region? Will Americans feel the pinch at the gas pump? What impact has the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal had on Iran ands its People? Can Israel defend itself?

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