Israel, a Country slightly larger than New Jersey, continues to be at the nexus point of Geo-Political and religious history in the Middle East.

It’s ancient Capital city, Jerusalem, is home to three major religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

Conflicts have been ongoing for centuries, but have cascaded from times of peace, through modern day warfare, with entities such as Hamas and Hezbollah, who by charter, are hell bent on the destruction of Israel and the Jews. Peaceful solutions have eluded this region. Although strong Allies with Israel, the United States has been unable to broker a lasting peace through numerous administrations. 

President Trump, in a controversial yet historic move, relocated the US embassy to Jerusalem.

To loosely quote him, “This is will be the hardest Deal I’ve ever had to negotiate”.

Yanki Farber, a Native Israeli and Ilana Freedman, an International security analyst, join Ray Brookstein to explore the threats, Political parallels and obstacles to a Two-State solution with the Palestinians.

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