In all this riotous business inflaming the streets of Every-Town America, the equally dangerous issue of the existing threat of Islam’s involvement in American activities goes basically unnoticed, like the China Virus, Gen. Flynn’s frame up, and the FBI’s and IC’s crimes against American justice. And for individual Islamists, action against infidels is demanded and hard to hide when you’ve got an infidel (America) on the ropes and feel you can get your licks in.

I’m referring to the case of the two Antifa terrorists who turned out to be lawyers⏤apprehended following a failed arson attempt, a Molotov Cocktail hurled at a parked police vehicle at the NYPD’s 88th Precinct, as they were attempting to escape the scene. Among the two arrestees was one Urooj Rahman, a Muslim woman, lawyer and apparently now, a Jihadist. The other idiot was Colinford King Mattis, a black New York attorney. This fool was driving the escape vehicle in which incendiary devices were discovered. Oh my, bad luck ol’ boy!

Inexplicably, both miscreants were granted bail because neither Rahman or Mattis had prior criminal records nor were they affiliated with any terrorist group. Rahman’s release bail was guaranteed by another muslim woman, a former Obama official named Salmah Rizvi, a lawyer at the law firm of Ropes & Gray in Washington, DC. She claimed Rahman as a “best friend.” 

The bail, opposed by the US Government was $250,000 each. The government argued that arsonists and bomb throwers don’t deserve bail but a District Court Judge, even acknowledging the strong evidence against Salmah, was moved by Rizvi’s family’s pledge to meet the high bail. 

Federal prosecutor David Kessler told an Appeals Court that: “the lower court’s decision to grant bail does not address the danger that’s been evidenced by the conduct.” Bingo!

Despite concrete evidence of Rahman and Colinford Mattis’s involvement (caught in the act), including a surveillance video that captured the crime in progress and a photo of Rahman holding a Molotov cocktail as she sat in the passenger seat of the van in which she was apprehended, both were released on bail to home confinement. But justice prevails because a US Court of Appeals rescinded the bail and three days later, US Marshals had both, soon to be ex-lawyers, back in the slammer on serious federal charges.

Rizvi, Salmah’s savior, works at Ropes and Gray law firm after a stint in the Obama administration’s intelligence community where “her high-value work, often contributed to Obama’s Daily Briefs,” She also held a position at DoD too. Rizvi’s education at New York University School of Law was sponsored by CAIR and financed by a scholarship provided by Paul and Daisy Soros’ Fellowships for New American’s scheme. The Fellowship was created by the deceased older brother of liberal billionaire and trouble maker, George Soros. 

Rizvi is one of hundreds of stealth Jihadist plants CAIR has managed to insert into the federal governments bureaucracy during Obama’s two terms. She is a “Fellow” at the Ramallah-based legal organization Al-Haq, founded to challenge the “legal status of Israel as an occupying power.”

Rahman, 31, worked as an attorney for Bronx Legal Services as a human rights lawyer. Her accomplice friend, Colinford King Mattis, 32, was an associate at the NYC law firm Pryor Cashman LLC. A  graduate of Princeton University, he also served as a Brooklyn community board member. 

The plot thickens. Islam is not our friend. It is the enemy of America.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!