Islam NOT Russia is the Enemy of the USA and the World

All we read and watch in the news is against RUSSIA and Putin as the deadliest ENEMIES of the USA. To put it mildly: BULL CRAP

Dear Americans

I am an Iraqi in exile who does not have an axe to grind with Republicans or Democrats but who has been following and studying these subjects for over 30 years. Not a single mainstream New Media is telling the TRUTH about Putin and Russia.

The Communist Soviet Union was a mortal enemy of the USA; NOT Russia after the COLLAPSE of Communism. Reagan agreed with Gorbachev for obvious reasons of security NOT to encroach upon the borders of Russia.

Obama has been doing just this for the last eight years. Putin ONLY occupied the Crimea and a slither of the eastern part of the Ukraine AFTER the USA and EU helped OVERTHROW the pro Putin prime minister of the Ukraine and replaced him with one pro Obama.

The Crimea has been part of Russia since Catherine the Great and became part of the Ukraine at the whim of Premier Nikita Khrushchev (Ukrainian) WITHOUT Politburo agreement. The Crimea also harboured the entirety of the Russian Black Sea fleet. Moreover both the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine areas have majority Russian nationals.

Russians LOVE Americans and do their utmost to emulate them. Russians are NOT enemies of Americans. Putin is NOT a threat to the USA. DJ Trump and Putin are practical patriotic leaders who KNOW that war between them would be cataclysmic and the only WINNERS would be Muslims and China.

The COMMON enemy of the USA, Russia, China, India, Israel and ALL other non Muslim humanity Infidels/ Kuffar (currently 80% of humanity) are MUSLIMS and Islam. Since 9/11, there have been OVER 30,000 terrorist attacks by Muslims against non Muslims (mostly CHRISTIANS) all over the globe. Under Obama’s watch, the most PERSECUTED people on Earth have been CHRISTIANS by Muslims and Obama NEVER uttered a word

Of course not ALL Muslims are Terrorists BUT most assuredly ALL Terrorists against Infidels are MUSLIMS! Rubio and McCain are literally WAR MONGERING against Russia that should be our ally.

All the garbage about Russia’s hacking deviates from and obfuscates the FACT that these REVELATIONS showed how CORRUPT both the Media and the Democrats (Hillary Clinton) are.

DJ Trump would have won anyway because his vision of America was MUSIC to the ears of tens of millions of Americans who have been subjected to DRACONIAN Political Correctness mindless Thought Control for eight years and they have at last a LEADER who is energizing them with HOPE and a Light at the End of the Tunnel. I have absolutely no doubt that the two Christian leaders DJ Trump and Putin will get on extremely well and a new era of excellent relationships will blossom given good will and sagacity. They must together resolve the Syria conflict and concentrate at EXTERMINATING all vestiges of ISIA and Muslim terrorists all over the globe with the help of other like minded nations