Although we have proven beyond a shadow or even a reasonable doubt the following:

a) Islam does not mean Peace but SUBMISSION
b) Allah is most definitely NOT the same as the God of the Bible
c) Islam is NOT a religion but a CULT; the Cult of Muhammad
d) Muhammad was NOT a prophet but a charlatan and the murderous leader of the first Organized Crime Syndicate in history
e) Jihad is NOT a spiritual struggle but Eternal & Mortal war against Infidels/ Kuffar/ Non Muslims

We shall strengthen our extremely controversial conclusions and articles by continuing our series of revelations regarding the TRUTH about Muhammad, Muslims and Islam, as we are addressing the FACTS (not the false propaganda) about how Muhammad and his followers truly perceive 80% of humanity called Kuffar/Infidels based entirely upon their ungodly scripture.

Muslim Arabs especially, tell the world that Muhammad’s Quran asserts that Abraham was attempting to sacrifice Ishmael and NOT – as the original story that appears only in the Bible tells us – that it was Isaac.

What are the Facts?

Isaac was Sarah’s only son and hence the one who was offered for sacrifice in the Bible.

Genesis Chapter 22
1. “And it came to pass after these things, that God tested Abraham, and said to him, Abraham….Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell you.

9. And they came to the place which God had told him; and Abraham built an altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar upon the wood.

10. And Abraham stretched out his hand, and took the knife to slay his son.11. And the angel of the Lord called to him from heaven, and said, Abraham, Abraham…Lay not your hand upon the lad, nor do anything to him; for now I know that you fear God, seeing that you did not withhold your son, your only son from me”

The version in Muhammad’s Quran (S37:100/109) is completely incompatible with and different from the Biblical narrative copied from the Jewish Midrash (none canonical sources).

Al Saffat 37:100 “O my lord, grant me a righteous (son)
101. So We gave him the good news of a boy ready to suffer and forbear.
102. Then when (the son) reached (the age of) (serious) work with him he said: “O my son! I see in vision that I offer thee in sacrifice: now see what is thy view!” (The son) said: “O my father! do as thou art commanded: thou will find me if Allah so wills one practicing Patience and Constancy!”
103. So when they had both submitted their wills (to Allah) and He had laid Him prostrate on his forehead (for sacrifice)
104. We called out to him “O Abraham!
105. “Thou hast already fulfilled the vision!” thus indeed do We reward those who do right.
106. For this was obviously a trial
107. And We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice:
108. And We left (this blessing) for him among generations (to come) in later times:
109. “Peace and salutation to Abraham!”

Readers should notice that the Quran does not even mention the name Ishmael nor does it assert or allege that it was Ishmael who was being offered for a sacrifice, as the later Muslim ‘scholars’ in desperation, concocted as an alternative story.

The Biblical verses above show repeatedly and with great precision that it is always Isaac, and ONLY Isaac, who is considered as Abraham’s foremost son, as in the repeated description of “your son, your ONLY son, Isaac ”

Isaac’s name appears in association with Ishmael in four Suras (2:133 & 136 & 140; 3:84; 4:163; 14:39).

Isaac’s name appears alone (without Ishmael) in association with Abraham or Jacob in eight Surahs (6:84; 11:71; 12:6; 38; 19:49; 21:72; 29:27; 37:112 & 113; 38:45).

The Quran mentions Isaac’s name on Sixteen occasions while that of Ishmael only Eight times and that of Muhammad four times.

It is a great insult to the human intellect, as well as a pitiable and pitiful failing endeavour that the followers of Muhammad attempt their worst to Pervert, Contort and Twist, Recorded History, Facts, Reality and Language in order to give themselves a WORTHY ANCESTRY, at any cost.

According to all the unsubstantiated and totally Fabricated Arab ‘traditions’ and contrary to the original stories from the Biblical records, Ishmael is their ‘father’ just as Isaac was the ‘father’ of the Israelites.

From this very outset, let the readers be aware that the above so called ‘traditions’ did not exist in the mind or in the traditions of the Pagan Arabians prior to their alleged ‘revelations’ in Muhammad’s Quran and later Hadiths.

In this article, we shall show the TWO versions of the story of Ishmael, that of the Original in the Bible and that of Muhammad’s Quran for the readers to compare and contrast.

According to the Bible, Abraham (later called Abram by God) was of the Hebrew (Ivri) tribe.

Gen 14:”13. And there came one who had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew; for he lived in the plain of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshkol, and brother of Aner; and these were confederate with Abram”

The Hebrews were one among hundreds of Semitic tribes that lived in the land of what is now called Iraq.

If historians are correct in surmising that the Semitic tribes of Iraq and Syria originated from Arabia, then the Hebrews were one of these tribes. If this were the case, then Abraham and Ishmael cannot ALSO be the progenitors of the Arabs from whom they allegedly originated.

According to the Falsified and Unsubstantiated Islamic ‘traditions’ and contrary to the Biblical narrative, Abraham journeyed with the ‘BABY’ Ishmael and his mother (Hagar) to the valley of Mecca and together later on raised the Foundations of the Ka’ba.

Al Baqara 2: 127 “ And remember Abraham and Isma`il raised the foundations of the House (with this prayer): “Our Lord! accept (this service) from us for thou art the All-Hearing the All-Knowing

128 “Our Lord! make of us Muslims bowing to Thy (Will) and of our progeny a people Muslim bowing to Thy (Will) “

The falsification of history, the contortion of facts and reality are the FORTE of most of the so called ‘scholars of Islam’.

They know full well that prior to Muhammad’s Quran there exists no such ‘Arab or Islamic tradition’ anywhere in either the pagan Arabian records nor in the Oral traditions of these Arabs to substantiate any of their allegations.

If the Muslim ‘scholars’ are correct, then Allah must have spoken in Hebrew to Abraham and the FIRST language heard near the Ka’ba was also Hebrew and NOT Arabic.

Please be aware that never in the Biblical story of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac is there any mention of Arabia, Mecca or Kaaba. Furthermore, why would Abraham the monotheist build foundations for a house of idolatry in Arabia of all places and not in Canaan?

It is a measure of their intellectual desperation that the Muhammadan ‘scholars’ even Contradict the Quran which asserts in several verses that neither Muhammad nor the Pagan Arabs had any Knowledge of Previous Revelations.

Al Baqara 2: 78 “And there are among them (Arabs) illiterates who know not the Book (Bible) [ummiyoona la ya’lamoona’l kitaba]

The Quranic word Ummi is deliberately mis-interpreted as “Illiterate” by the Sunni (Orthodox) Muslims. Critical scholars (Tabari in his Tafsir) point out that this curious adjective is invariably used in the Quran in contradistinction and/or in apposition to the People of the Book/ Ahl al Kitab (Bible) and should therefore be taken to mean one Ignorant of Holy Scriptures and/or the earlier revealed religions; that is, ignorant of the Biblical narrative/ unscriptured.

God of the Bible made it crystal clear to Abraham by emphasizing that his ‘ONLY SON’, Isaac, was the one from his first wife Sarah and not from his concubine Hagar thus eliminating Ishmael from both the attempted sacrifice as well as from the blessing of inheriting the Promised Land.

We are here confronted by an extremely serious and Monumental dilemma; either the Bible is false or the Quran is. Both, cannot be correct when they are giving Contradictory versions of the same events.

Since the Bible preceded the Quran by at least 2100 years, one has to believe that the angel Gabriel gave Muhammad a completely altered version of the Torah which was given by God to Moses ‘FACE TO FACE’ and not passed down Second Hand and adulterated by any intermediary (Jibril/ Gabriel) to Muhammad as is the case of the Quran.

One has to assume that Gabriel deliberately changed God’s Bible which is also inconceivable.

Al Maida 5.44 “ It was We (Allah) who revealed the law (Torah to Moses): therein was guidance and light. By its standard have been judged the Jews, by the prophets who bowed (as in Islam) to Allah’s will, by the rabbis and the doctors of law: for to them was entrusted the protection of Allah’s book, and they were witnesses thereto: therefore fear not men, but fear me, and sell not my signs for a miserable price. If any do fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed, they are (no better than) Unbelievers”

The verse above (among dozens more in the Quran) asserts that it was Allah after all who revealed the Torah (Law) to Moses yet the same Quran contradicts itself repeatedly.

Since it is impossible to believe that ANY Omniscient, Merciful and Compassionate God would have ever revealed all the Discrepancies, Hatemongering, Warmongering, Discrimination, Grammatical Errors, as well as the Historical and Character dislocations, Mendacities, Abnormalities, Inconsistencies, Time and Space Displacements that permeate the Quranic versions of the Biblical events, then only ONE conclusion can be possible.

That every letter, every word, every verse/aya and every chapter/ surah in the Quran are the product of Muhammad’s personal thoughts and imaginings, the secretions of his warped mind based upon his distorted recollections of stories and tales he had heard from Jewish and Christian individuals.

The Quran actually represents Muhammad’s own ALTER EGO, but cleverly projected into the unsuspecting mouths of Allah (the name of the supreme pagan rock god of Mecca embedded into the corner wall of the Ka’ba, called the Black Stone) and Gabriel to give them the aura of sanctity and divinity.

In simple summation: The author of the Quran is the ventriloquist Muhammad with Allah, Satan and Gabriel are mere props, his voices over thus once more proving Muhammad a charlatan and his Quran is not divinely revealed and utterly discrediting Islam as a Religion.