Is anybody struck by the accelerating incidence of mass shootings across the country, all by 19-30ish-year-old Gen Z and Millennials? Consider Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton plus a continuing weekly deluge of black-on-black murders in Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, etc., that never get reported by the legacy media since these tragedies do not suit their anti-Trump propaganda narrative.

There is an accompanying concerted and highly orchestrated campaign by the leftist media and by every Democrat politician, especially the Star Wars bar scene (, i.e., the presidential wannabes), using the same exact talking points that add fuel to the fire. They ALL blame President Trump for all the shootings, even in the cases of shooters who – like that Dayton trigger-puller – were registered Democrats, Antifa members, and/or Elizabeth Warren fans!

As with Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and James Earl Ray, it is easy to stimulate a deranged loner and disoriented patsy (there are so many of them all across the country these days!) to do your dirty work if properly motivated. That is, someone who appears to have sympathies and a document trail that link him precisely to the political opposition, and who can be exploited to get the job done and make it look like it’s the “other guys’ fault”! And what do you suppose that all the virulent hate speech by Democrats and their legacy media allies is doing to impressionable and mentally unstable youth if not giving them rationale and impetus to do just that? What rational American is not suspicious of what is going on to establish a climate of fear, hatred, and political chaos in this country. Guess what? It’s not the dastardly Russians and their amorphous bots who are doing this!

Is it now obvious to everyone that the Democrats never accepted the election of President Trump and will never accept his re-election under any terms, and will try any illegal and unconstitutional means to defeat and/or overthrow him? Their unchecked and grotesque rhetoric continues to whip up deranged people, and the legacy media cheer them on! The people propagating hate speech are overwhelmingly on the Left these days. They have prepared talking points for use at the drop of a hat for every tragedy and circumstance. No disaster is left unexploited for political purposes! And they fund-raise off human tragedies immediately after they occur. How evil is that?

We are in the midst of a period of maximum political turmoil in America. The Democrat Party preaches divisiveness and makes accusations of white racism and white supremacy on their political opponents without any signs of cessation. Their rhetoric becomes more extreme with each passing day, and Antifa -the violent arm of the Left – remains unchecked even when committing blatant street violence in cities like Portland. Where will it all end? Do you think I’m just making that up? Here are a few examples.

I could go on and on. Do a web search on the phrase “Trump is Putin’s stooge” and check out all the lying articles from the media on that topic. And then there are the clowns who want to “punch out” POTUS! Imagine someone saying the same about Obama!

Gee, I wonder whether these kinds of outrageous statements by politicians, media personalities, and former government officials have any impact at all on the mentally deranged people who soak it all in 24×7? These seem like a clear incitement to violence to me!

Let’s get back to the “conspiracy theory.” Several items have contributed to the perfect storm of the continuing series of mass shootings.

  • The ACLU push to turn out people with mental disorders into the streets beginning in the 1960s in service of their “civil rights” (without regard to the rights of the rest of us to be free from the actions of mentally disturbed people!)
  • Increased prescription of mind-altering psychotic drugs for various maladies. This has made it easy for people to abuse prescribed dosages, as well as find street alternatives when the costs are too high
  • Increased illicit drug use and abuse, including gateway drugs, with current strains way more potent than ever before; the fentanyl epidemic continues unabated
  • A general coarsening of the culture pushed by the Left in pursuit of no morality where “anything goes.”

Add to that list the impetus by the Left of those who seek to capitalize politically by fomenting these tragedies, and you can understand why these shootings will continue. Democrats don’t want to address the root causes because they gain politically if left unaddressed and the shootings continue! Many misguided Americans will gladly trade their personal freedoms for what they perceive to be the promise of security. And that is the road to tyranny as planned and pursued inexorably by the American Left.

It’s not the Russians and their bot fake news who should concern us regarding interference in the 2020 elections (their shoestring-budgeted dezinformatsiya operation in 2016 influenced ZERO votes!) – it’s those extreme-Left Democrats who will do ANYTHING – including illegal and unconstitutional means – to rise to power in order to impose a permanent single-party socialist state on the rest of us. Why do you think they’re going after the Electoral College now?

It is inevitable that we’re going to see more of these mass shootings because the Democrats are throwing gasoline on the fire! Lets’ face it, folks: the existential threat to the survival of the Republic is internal! If we can’t deal with that threat, the Chinese – the real external national security threat – won’t matter one bit. It’s not a conspiracy theory, folks.

The end.