Political correctness has made it nearly impossible to speak openly about the Muslim Faith as well as elements of Sharia law. Many Americans believe the sharia law runs counter to our constitution. While claiming to be a peace loving religion, it appears that concrete evidence to the contrary exists. 

Muslim emigration has been happening all over the world, seemingly without true assimilation towards their host countries, language and culture and core values. In our own House of Representatives, several Muslim women have won seats in heavily laden Muslim districts, due to district stacking as well as being highly critical of American Culture and our American Values. antisemitic rhetoric has echoed in Congress without any real condemnations.

Which poses the questions: What Is Sharia Law? What does the Quran teach? Do they really want to Assimilate? What does the future hold for cooperation with Non-Muslims. In this program Ray Brookstein and His Guests Kat The Hammer and Bob Dunlap examine Elements of Sharia Law and the Quran.

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