The modern Democrat Party is a full fledged elitist Democrat Marxist social club driven by perpetually outraged people angry at Conservatives for ‘bucking’ their socialists policies to make America a crappy, diverse and multicultural society like other third world s__holes. One need look no further than the disintegrating Venezuela to see the damage Socialism will do. Here, in America, we have already started down that awful road. Just cast your eyes to the Soviet State of California and, more spectacularly, the city of San Francisco to see firsthand the poverty, misery and failed programs that socialism gifts to its obedient, dependent populations.

Because of the vicious and direct physical attacks by functionaries of today’s losing Democrat Party against Republicans and conservatives, tactics used by socialisms secret police and party faithful throughout history, then another warning is in order. Is there a solution?

An esteemed happy America was once held solid by our Constitution. The Marxist Democrat Party thinks they can do it better. Obama’s Marxist policies, instituted outside our constitutional parameters, were cunningly used to deny Americans the right to live in a society free of government interference. We saw that in his health care program, when Obama’s departments started issuing rules on how we must conduct our daily lives, what we can and cannot do with own property without a bureaucrats permission and to accept perversion as their new norm.

The rules of the socialist state even demanded that a baker must bake a cake for gays, that a photographer must employ his skills at perverts weddings, what public school children must learn about the joys of homosexuality, a LGBTQ priority, and even the banishment of the words of Christ from the public arena while permitting the evils of Islam to be trumpeted to the winds. This is what Obama tried to install and what Trump is rapidly dismantling.

None of this can happen without America becoming a welfare state, a collective where the state provides all, if they have any, and we provide to the state what we must. To ensure this, the State must keep the collective in a condition of perpetual conflict, alert to those dangerous other races and defensive of our own. There is nothing redeemable about the welfare state, the big government programs of multicultural insistence used to punish ‘bad’ ideas, while at the same time requiring its citizen to cow-tow to collective policies and laws “for the common good of all.” 

We cannot be happy until the awful yoke of our independence is lifted from our shoulders by a benevolent state. Our individual liberties have been diminished by a stupidity that succumbs to a collectivist mindset, a dependent citizenry that can be easily swayed to vote against their own best interests. Individualism is counter to the collective and therefore unacceptable to the state. 

Collectivism is a mindset that requires one to give freely his production to the State. To be a good citizen one must contribute most of his means and be grateful for the services the state deems he needs. The State will decide if you need it. A solution: Never vote Democrat!

To succeed the concept of individual liberty must be rooted out and replaced by a mentality supporting the collective. If Americans won’t agree, then there’s a multi-thousand parade of potential claim jumpers headed this way from Central America and Mexico determined to be collectivized. So, what to do? Short of stopping them and turning them around, we could bus or fly them to San Francisco, dump ‘em out and close the borders. Let California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam’ apply his standards of sanctuary to those poor miserable sots looking to be free.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!