Democrats, like any anarchic organization that clings to once successful business practices but fails to accept any future but their own, will face assimilation, decline and inevitable obsolescence. While they can’t see it, that is the position the Democrat Party is in today, in decline and obsolescence. Trump has shown us the future and it doesn’t include socialism. He has changed our direction and we have to fight to keep it.

The Democrat party long ago was assimilated by the political philosophies of socialism; their playbook the Rules for Radicals; their minds closed to any civil discourse or common sense. Their battle plan is to attack, attack and attack again until their political opponents, weary with exhaustion trying to argue back, conceded the field thereby setting the Leftists agenda as the standard of political thinking for moving America forward…. “for hard working Americans.”

Then along came Trump who saw through the mire of Leftist nonsense, realized how badly the Leftists had corrupted the peoples representative government and promised to do something about it.

Before Trump we saw all the Republican presidents except Ronald Reagan, bow shamelessly to the incessant political attacks on their characters, their policies, foreign and domestic, their families and even their pets and they never fought back. 

Democrats and the media thought they still held the battlefield of public opinion until the outsider challenged their nonsense every day. His message resonated and he won. Then he saw his messages were being twisted, his policies challenged and his character impugned.                                                      

Thereafter, no more organized White House press briefings where presidential ideals were hailed if he was a Democrat and ridiculed if he was a Republican. Americans long waited for a sort of messiah who would take the fight to the Left. He came in the guise of a wealthy billionaire, unpolished, crude, tarred with social offenses and yet he did what he said he would do, stop the leftists destruction of America.

We saw a corrupt government under the lying Democrat President Obama who tried to continue his Marxist plan to “fundamentally change America” by anointing Hillary Clinton as his chosen  successor. The American people were having none of it and the ships compass suddenly changed direction. The outsider assumed the greatest seat of power in the world, and the Left went into apoplexy that has continued for three long weary years.

Immediately when he was sworn-in Trump threw the first lance to pierce the first black presidents legacy and the fight was on. For Democrats, never having to defend themselves from frontal assaults, the experience was daunting. Their only recourse, fall back on the old play book, use the old tried and true tactics of assaulting the new presidents character, his lack of foreign policy experience, his lack of decorum, his tweets, his alleged collusion with Russia, etc., etc., & etc. 

Trump has bested them at every turn because the people haven’t abandoned him. Firing the last arrow in their quiver, they turned to impeachment of the president for election interference and abuse of power by cooking up a bogus whistleblower scheme. Democrats need something to scream about and when they do, Trump buries them in a pile of their own corruption.

Why do they persist?
What is their motive for continuing the fight? Easy!
Because the Obama Administration itself engaged in more election interference and abuse of power ever seen in US history.

Obama and Hillary Clinton corrupted the FBI and the intelligence community by weaponizing them into partisan tools for their own benefit. The first clue came when Obama weaponized the Internal Revenue Service to deny conservative groups from obtaining non-profit tax-exempt status while green-lighting liberal non-profits for tax protections. Secondly, to deny and eliminate the Conservatives first amendment rights to free speech.

This House Democrats sham investigation is the very epitome of abuse of power. Democrats can’t win on a level playing field and to survive politically they need a double standard of justice that grants them complete control over the judicial process that includes granting immunity from criminal charges. In all of this they are abetted by a biased main stream media.

As a almost Republican, unexpectedly, Trump is fighting back unlike what any Republican before him has done. The focus of Democrat hatred is Hillary Clinton’s unacceptable loss in 2016. They look constantly for an excuse to remove the interloper Donald Trump, who is seriously ruining their good deal.

What else can Hillary Clinton be called for using her position at the State Department to bribe other country’s into playing her pay-to-play scheme? The camouflage of Bill’s speaking tours was to disguise the fees paid that enriched the Clinton Family Foundation, a money laundering scheme soon to be revealed. The official process is called, in organized crime terms, a ‘shake down’ of foreign governments. Will our change of direction run over them too?

Democrats tried to use the term “quid pro quo” to focus on the Presidents foreign policy activities until good ol’ lovable, quid pro Joe came into video view with his “I’m cool” bragging. We wonder why a legitimate investigation of the Biden’s, father and sons meddling in the Ukraine’s business aren’t as vigorously pursued as Trump’s party line phone call. Are Democrats entitled to a free pass because other countries wanted the same Ukrainian prosecutor removed that Joe bragged about removing? It doesn’t matter a whit what other European countries wanted or didn’t want. Joe violated the law. He said so and we saw him say so.

Quid pro Joe Biden had a clear conflict of interest as defined under existing federal law. No rational prosecutor would dispute what he said he did, as best evidence of what did happen. Joe has tried to deny all that by claiming he never spoke to his son Hunter about Hunters business dealings. That’s nonsense! The pair of ’em flew on Air Force Two together in pursuit of those good deals, and that proves their complicity. On top of that, Hunter said they did. “Oh, how onto a serpent’s tooth is the ungrateful child.”

We see that the policies of Democrats in their endless pursuit of perverted ‘justice’ doesn’t even pretend to observe due process or fair play. If Democrats are able to construct a non-bipartisan resolution for impeachment, and do so without a crime, it should be duly considered by the Senate with the contempt it so richly deserves. One Republican Senator entered a motion asking for a quick vote to table or dismiss the articles whether they are given to the Senate or not. The Democrat scheme doesn’t deserve the time to be wasted on it on a formal trial.  

Americans have grown weary of the Democrat nonsense. Neither the boring but breathless House Committee hearings, or the leftist media, have generated any interest at all in what should be a world shaking event. There’s no blue stained dress. It’s become “oh hum,” and truthful polls now signal an American change of direction.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!