Jeffrey Epstein is a name most Americans are familiar with at this juncture. Among other activities, he had a private island (in the US Virgin Islands) stocked with underage boys and girls, to which celebrities from all fields flocked. Politicians, Hollywood stars, billionaires, and yes, perhaps judges.

Let’s start from the beginning, in 2005, John Roberts was appointed to the Supreme Court as a rock-solid conservative. Along the way, things began to change. Today, this rock-solid conservative is shredding the constitution. He is believed by many to be in a jihad against the rule of law and the Constitution. 

Soon he will be asked to make a decision regarding the Pennsylvania Supreme Court changing state legislature election rules which were in place to protect against voter fraud. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is elected and consists of seven members. Five of them are left-wing Soros-type radicals, who have caused a catastrophe to the system of free and fair elections in America: Max Baer, Debra McCloskey Todd, Christine Donohue. Kevin M. Dougherty, and David Wecht. These left-wing activist judges provided the opening for massive election fraud in their decisions of 2020 relative to the elections of November 3rd.

These five supported the removal of requirements needed to protect against mail-in voter fraud: Removing the need for a signature on the ballot to match the signature of the registered voter. Removal of the need for the mail-in ballot to have a dated postmark which is legible. And that ballots did not need to be received by November 3rd. In other words, the basic safeguards to ensure the integrity of mail-in ballots were removed. And removed in an unconstitutional manner, since only the legislature can make such decisions.

As the latest in horrific judicial decisions that twist the constitution into an unrecognizable form, Roberts refused in October to vote against the unconstitutional usurpation of legislative power by the five tyrannical leftists on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, punting the decision to be held in December. Thus helping to create confusion and fraud in the election of November 3.

If the Supreme Court fails to support the Constitution in the coming December case, the mummy, Joe Biden may receive the Pennsylvania elector votes. And, heaven forbid, might become the next President of the United States. But amazingly enough, the use of airline passenger manifest to free someone from blackmail could save the American system of free and fair elections.


Judicial analysts can offer no rational explanation for John Robert’s shift from a rock-solid conservative, to a leftist constitution shredder. Making decisions invariably damage Republican interests and support the interests of Democrats.

Theories exist that there is evidence that Roberts was a homosexual at the time he was appointed to the Supreme Court. And that he failed to disclose this in his senate confirmation hearings. The Martha Vineyards gay lifestyle has photographic documentation. However, this is only a theory and only Justice Roberts knows the truth.


The idea that John Roberts is being blackmailed, whether by true or false allegations, has heavy hitters as believers. Among those who believe that Roberts is being blackmailed, are heavyweights such as Senator Mike Lee.

Enter into the mix, well-known airline pilot, David Rogers. Rogers signed and perhaps wrote the passenger manifest for flights on which he was captain. The unusual air service was none other than that of Jeffrey Epstein, and the flights were mostly to Epstein’s underage sex island.

Among the list of passengers in 2010, 2011, the name “JOHN ROBERTS” appears twice in large letters.

These documents apparently were scanned and copied on the same machine as the series of earlier documents which were submitted as evidence in the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein. Whether the documents themselves are accurate, is not known. 

It raises the question if blackmail is involved in the strange flip of John Roberts from conservative constitutionalist to left-wing shredder of the constitution. It’s part of the Democrat modus operandi:  the seriousness of the charge is what counts.


The Democrat Party, and Barack Obama in particular, reportedly has a long, and effective, history using sexual smears and blackmail against opponents.

When Barack Obama was running for Senator in Illinois, in the 2004 primary the following occurred: One month before the 2004 Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, Obama was way down in the polls, about to lose to Blair Hull, a multimillionaire securities trader. But then The Chicago Tribune — where Axelrod used to work — began publishing claims that Hull’s second ex-wife, Brenda Sexton, had sought an order of protection against him during their 1998 divorce proceedings.

Obama won the primary with the sexually charged battering ram. In the Senate election itself, Obama struck gold in that his Republican opponent, Jack Ryan had also been divorced.

Amazingly enough, out of the blue, Ryan’s ex-wife accused him of taking her to swinger parties and offered her to other people. Ryan denied it continually, but as with all Democrat smears, it’s the seriousness of the charge that has the effect. Not whether it’s true or not.

Sex-related smears elected Barack Obama to the Senate. And when Herman Cain threatened the election of Obama to the presidency, again the sex smears came into use with the same Democrat methods. It’s simply part of their playbook. We can hardly imagine such things, but there they are. Isn’t it a possibility that Roberts is being blackmailed?

How can we help Roberts if that is the case?   

Let him know (in the media, and by contacting the court) that the vast majority of the country will be at his side to help him, and that he can be free by interpreting the law in terms of the constitution as he loved to do. 

Is it better to live a life enslaved to apparent blackmailers, or better to have the nation stand at your side? 

Better to be a liar forever or at peace with yourself? 

Better to be a destroyer or a bringer of peace? 

The nation will rally to his side when he breaks free.

(Note: No one mentioned in this post is said to have committed a crime.  All Americans are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law.)

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No accusations are being made that anyone mentioned in this article has committed a crime. In the United States, all citizens are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law. This article is educational only and does not provide medical information or advice. For medical information, the source and place is your physician.