All over the world, people are seeking this thing called “Love.” Whether it is an online dating site, or cruising social media in hopes of finding that “special” someone, people are looking for love. Regardless of who we are or where we come from we are all familiar with the idea of love, yet most of us have never experienced True Love.


I have often heard it be said, that there is only one true love, and I tend to believe this to be true. Although, this true love that exists is manifested in many ways and at various times in our lives. The kindergarteners crush, the school yard fantasy or young lover’s dreams, True Love seems to be the focus of all our romantic wishes.

As you listen to this teaching “Is It True Love,” you will discover that there is only one source from which all Love evolves, and that source has always been with you and yes, even in you.


DrFaye Wilson is an Inspirational Speaker, Talk Show Host, Author, Ordained Minister, Life Coach, Social Media Strategist, Weekly Columnist on America Out Loud, and a Co-Host of Life Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure, Host of the Daily Show “ENERGY BAR” and on Sunday the faith based show INTENTIONAL right inside of the America Out Loud Network.

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