The year was 1865, Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration — the president positioned his right hand on the Bible as he swore to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. What happened next would change the course of history.
President Lincoln spoke the words “So help me God!”
…as he bent forward and reverently kissed the Bible as Supreme Court Chief Justice Salmon Chase looked on. This first documented eyewitness account of a U.S. president asking for God's assistance at his inauguration was captured by a newspaper correspondent. There is no reference to God in the official 'oath of office' in the U.S. Constitution – but the words “so help me God” have nevertheless become the standard conclusion of the presidential oath. The framers barred any reference or requirement of religious affiliations for the office, yet it is widely known that U.S. presidents understand the importance of faith in God as they perform their duties.

Are there any coincidences with the strange political happenings we've been experiencing as of late? Most Christian leaders will tell you that GOD is in control – not to worry. I will ask Father Michael Maginot if it's possible that God has sent Donald Trump to America at this moment of time?

Let’s talk about the electorate a minute – according to Pew Research… those who identify themselves as “born-again or evangelical” Christians constitute a sizable share of the electorate – 36% of registered voters, compared with 37% who are non-evangelical Christians and 27% who identify with non-Christian faiths or with no religion at all.

I will talk about the implications of christianity in the upcoming election today with Father Michael L. Maginot out of Gary, Indiana. How important are evangelicals in the upcoming election? Is this a moment of truth for christianity?

Father Maginot went to Rome from 1979 – 1984 to study Theology and gained an advanced degree in Biblical Theology, and was ordained a priest in 1983, and was assigned to St. Stephen, Martyr Parish where he is a Pastor.
For many, Donald Trump has been a phenomenon with the evangelic vote. But why are christians really supporting Donald Trump? And how will Hillary Clinton do with the Christian vote?

Some folks are not so up on the idea of a Trump Presidency! “I think he is without a moral core,” says Michael Farris, an ordained Baptist minister and one of the founders of the Moral Majority. “He doesn't keep his word in his business transactions,” Farris says. “He ridicules people. He doesn't believe anything about treating his neighbor better than himself. I mean, that's what the Bible teaches. We just don't see any semblance of honesty, decency, integrity.”

Yet many evangelical leaders are saying, “We're going to support this guy anyway.” “Americans, I think, are looking for something else in their presidential candidates these days,” says one historian. A willingness to speak plainly, perhaps, even without religious overtones – what a concept. We’re going to talk about the upcoming election and what God may have to say about all of this.