About 100,000 Americans have died, diagnosed as having had the Coronavirus. Over 25 million Americans have lost their jobs and their businesses, their lives altered in ways they never thought possible. The disease is bad and the lockdown results even worse. But both were apparently easily avoidable. Yes, apparently easily avoidable if the advice to the president and the nation by the “experts” had been correct.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Robert Redfield fought against the use of masks. They provided false information about masks to President Trump, the Pandemic Task Force and the American people.

Any expert in infectious diseases knows, mask are one of the few ways to reduce pandemic damage and death from the start and do so effectively. If masks don’t protect, why do doctors use them when treating patients?

Anyone looking at the two countries which have succeeded in controlling the pandemic, will see that they use masks on a massive scale. Taiwan has 20 million people. Everyone wears a mask. Taiwan had no shutdown at all, and have a result of 7 deaths. South Korea has 51 million people. They also use masks on everyone, had no shutdown, and have had 150 deaths.

Masks protect the wearer to some significant extent. And masks also stop the spread of the disease. Expert study estimates find that the spread of the pandemic would be stopped from 50% to 75% by the use of masks by most or all of the population. 1

President Trump was given horrific advice by Fauci and Redfield. Given false and panic-stoking data. Their model said at least 1.7 millions Americans would die by summer. The actual number, which is itself inflated falsely by Redfield CDD regulations, is reported at 100,000.

Nobel Prize winning biophysicist from Stanford University declares war on the lockdowns

It is a pity President Trump did not have advice from Dr. Michael Levitt. Levitt, a British American Israeli who won the 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry, believes the alternative methods to the lockdown, such as the use of masks, would have controlled the pandemic and without the horrific side effects of lockdowns.

“I think the lockdown saved NO lives. I think it may have COST lives.” Professor Levitt analyzed data from 78 nations with more than 50 reported cases of coronavirus. He said his investigations proved that the virus was never going to grow “exponentially.” 2

“We should have seen from China that a virus never grows exponentially. From the very first case you see, exponential growth actually slows down very dramatically,” Levitt said.

Regarding the China pandemic, in it’s midway Levitt projected that the total cases would be around 80,000. And Levitt was right. China reported 84,102 cases as of May 26th, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. 3

The Fauci-Redfield Testing Disasters

Disastrous advice on masks are just one of the problems related to the actions of Fauci and Redfield. The US test program was hampered by the CDC stopping early testing in Oregon by physicians there, when the pandemic started.

Then as if by magic, the CDC US test kits failed to work. Making it impossible to determine who had the virus and thus be isolated. The pandemic spun out of control.

And while Fauci and Redfield were busy stoking panic in the United States, Levitt took the right line, the right approach. If only his work had been brought before the president, but Fauci and Redfield assured that would never happen.

Levitt said: “What we need is to control the panic … we’re going to be fine.”

Why then did Fauci and Redfield put the President, the Pandemic Task Force and the Nation under fear and terror from hell?

An investigation will show why, and one track for the investigation, for example is that Fauci has a decades long relationship with Bill Gates and his horrific empire of deadly vaccines. Gates-Fauci sponsored vaccines crippled or killed a reported approximate 600,000 children in India for example. The vaccine company, Moderna, is basically controlled / owned by Bill Gates. And Gates has said openly many times, he would like to vaccinate the entire world. The only way to do that is by installing irrational fear and then on top of that, creating an economic crisis so ́people and their governments are desperate.

Many experts have said the Moderna vaccine, which essentially rewrites human DNA into something else is extremely dangerous. And could cause tens of millions of deaths and even more birth defects.

Millions of Americans may be forced to take the Moderna vaccine if Fauci and Redfield can manipulate the President and US Pandemic Policy

It’s estimated that 150,000 million doses of the potentially dangerous Moderna vaccine are being prepared at taxpayers expense. $485 million in funding from the Pandemic Task Force… promoted by Fauci, Redfield and others who assist in this effort of forced, mandated horrific Gates vaccines.

Is there a real danger these Moderna doses will be forced on Americans? Absolutely yes. Because while the policy of the president is that there will be NO federal mandated vaccines, governors of the Democrat blue states may force their citizens to be injected with Moderna, if they are on the Fauci-Gates side of things.

This is no longer just theoretical, and hundreds of millions of Americans could potentially suffer injury, death, and future birth defect results from a vaccine that has proceeded without the standard animal safety testing… and with Class III reactions by some of the 45 test subjects.

The Fauci-Redfield Challenge

We the people hereby challenge Anthony Fauci and Robert Redfield to be injected now or any time within the next 3 months, with the MODERNA vaccine. To be certain they do not substitute sterilized water for their injections, an independent medical / biological chemistry team, will test and certify the injected vaccine to determine that it is indeed the Moderna liquid.

Isn’t it time to begin official and formal investigations, as well as citizen journalism of Fauci and Redfield to determine what happened and why it happened? Until an investigation, grand jury, and a court of law makes a decision, we will not know with certainty.

In the United States all citizens are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law. No one is being accused of a crime. No claim of any sort is being made regarding the MODERNA vaccine except repetition of publicly available sources which are are found by some experts as accurate to the best of their knowledge at the present time.

Dr. Joel S Holmes is an engineer working in pandemic economic risk reductions for business and industry. His most recent book tells about the efforts of the Democrat Deep State to undermine the President’s pandemic program, including reported saboteurs inside the Pandemic Task Force itself.  The book, A VOYAGE IN IMAGINATION … “OPERATION CROSSFIRE MODERNA” is available on Amazon.

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