I don’t know about you, but I am done with hearing people blame God for everything that is going on in the world! The question becomes “How can God who is Love do all of these things, or be responsible for them?”  The answer is, He is not responsible for a corrupt people. The problems we experience in our world and in our lives is due to the choices we make. Whether is destroying the earth or destroying each other, we are doing it and not God.

The Government of God is not being regulated as God intended in this earth. The government like sin, has spiraled out of control and it is time for some hard truth and self-examination on everyone’s part. Todays’ teaching may not be one of the easiest to digest, but like my grandmother use to say “ it will be good for you.” Listen as I continue the teaching in our series “The Government of God” on today’s INTENTIONAL. This is a series that will surely shift you out of the norm into what can be an awakening into what is more righteous than normal in “THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD!”  www.theglobalchurchlive.com