Insurrection! The Democrats have been using that word now for a couple of weeks. Ever since, a very small number of Trump supporters, led by the Democrats’ own leftist allies, broke away from the massive crowd gathered on the Mall in Washington, D.C. on January 6th and stormed the U.S. Capitol.

Estimated to be a crowd of at least half a million, many Americans had converged in the nations’ capital to show support for President Donald J. Trump. The man they supported and believed in, who, despite all of his faults, had done so much over the last four years to help make America great again. And the man they hoped would find some way to continue his work on behalf of the American people.

On January 6th, President Trump had encouraged those gathered on the Mall to “peacefully march to the Capitol and let their voices be heard.” And for exercising their right to protest as guaranteed by the United States Constitution, those who had come to Washington along with the other seventy-five million Americans who had voted for President Trump’s re-election, are now being called ‘insurrectionists.’ Lumped together with the very small number of those protesting at the Capitol building which broke the law.

Insurrection! The Democrats have been using that word as a bludgeon now ever since January 6th. But what they are really doing by repeating this word is establishing a narrative to help prepare Americans for what’s to come after Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20th.

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After all, if there’s an active insurrection underway in America, the government would be justified in taking extreme measures to thwart that insurrection. Constitutional rights may have to be suspended. Perhaps the freedom of speech as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution needs to be restricted. The less angry rhetoric being shared around the Internet, the better. All for the public good naturally.

So the Democrat Party’s allies in social media have begun to purge the ‘insurrectionists’ from their platforms, starting with President Trump. Eliminate the voice of the insurrection and the insurrection will lose steam.

In military operations, it’s called ‘eliminating command and control.’ If you take away your opponents’ leadership’s ability to communicate with subordinates and supporters, it becomes more difficult for them to coordinate their efforts against you. And it makes it easier for you to defeat the enemy. And make no mistake, we are indeed viewed as the enemy.

Taking away the enemy’s ability to resist physically is also an important step. Throughout history, governments have silenced their enemies as the first step in their ultimate subjugation of the populace. As has been underway here in American for some time now also via ‘Wokeness.’

But they have also found it necessary to disarm them so that they can’t resist. I believe that the next step in the Democrat’s efforts to defeat the “insurrection” will be to implement strict gun control, including firearms confiscation. All done for the public good naturally.

The bottom line is that what is taking place across our country right now with the Democrats repeatedly using the term “insurrection,” as well as with all the extreme security measures in the nations’ capital and state capitols around the country, is all about optics. 

And just one part of the Democrat Party’s effort to establish a narrative of insurrection requires an unprecedented government response.

The narrative that there is an active insurrection underway, so restricting your rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution is necessary under the circumstances.

And all for the public good, mind you.

Image: Reuters