Our streets are burning, our cities are dying, and America is facing a perfect storm of self-destruction. This is an insurrection – a revolt against democracy, led by anarchists, marxists, and socialists, and funded by the super rich, who want to change the balance of power in this country forever. 

The looters and arsonists who delight in wantonly destroying whole neighborhoods with bats and crowbars and molotov cocktails descend on our cities⏤which are not their cities. They are bused in or flown in from all around the country into the target cities, where they are encouraged to loot and burn the stores of large national chains and single, mom-and-pop shops alike. They intimidate their victims with threats and violence, and they don’t distinguish between the huge corporations and the work of a lifetime for a single family. All are victims of their fire bombs and brick bats.  

The Perfect Storm

This year – 2020 – brought us into a nightmare of coinciding crises⏤the COVID-19 pandemic that descended on us at the beginning of the year, an unwelcome gift from China that disrupted all of our lives; the riots that are destroying our cities, triggered by the deaths of black Americans at the hands of the police; and the increasingly nasty polarizing politics that are leading us right up to the elections on November 3 and beyond. 

The pandemic locked most of us in our homes, and threw a stick into the wheels of our thriving economic engines. It took us from a rapidly growing economy to the brink of recession. 

The riots were at first called ‘spontaneous’, as people demonstrated peacefully in the streets under the banner of Black Lives Matter. But peaceful demonstrations quickly gave way to wild and terrifying mayhem as organized groups of thugs smashed store windows, swarmed into the stores stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down, and setting some of the stores on fire. They came from all around the country, flown in and paid for by dark money, and driven in pricey limousines into the tony shopping areas in the heart of major cities⏤to steal and loot and destroy, intimidating the local population with threats, physical attacks, and ongoing harassment. 

These were not spontaneous demonstrations, but well orchestrated attacks on law and order, paid for with the loose cash from secretive, not-for -profit organizations, run by shadowy figures with very deep pockets, who believe that the chaos is worth paying for. They lay their plans in the opulent offices of the elite, to be carried out by packs of thugs, plucked from gangs and anarchist groups just looking for another fight. And the thugs are supported by young, idealistic activists, who are loosely associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa, who think they are supporting racial justice.  

This has nothing to do with racial justice. In fact, many of the victims of this violence are black. This has to do with power. The rioters are the pawns of the wealthy puppet-masters.

The thugs, who are brought into the target cities, are paid to create chaos. And, if in the process, they destroy the lives and the neighborhoods of hard working people, whose only crime was to be living and working in the wrong place at the wrong time? Oh well. That, in the minds of these demented puppet-masters, is just collateral damage for the greater good. The goal is to create enough anarchy and chaos to ultimately bring down our democratic form of government.

And it gets worse, because the left is now promising, or threatening⏤that if the Democrats do not win in November, there will be an explosion of violence in the streets of America’s cities, that will make the current violence look tame by comparison. 

The left is already planning for the possible results of the November elections, warning that if Joe Biden does not win by a landslide, all hell will break loose.  

In a recent Op-Ed in the Washington Post, Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown University, described the results of a scenario-building exercise in which the various possible outcomes of the 2020 elections were studied. She described a piece of the final analysis: 

“A landslide for Joe Biden resulted in a relatively orderly transfer of power. . . . . Every other scenario we looked at involved street-level violence and political crisis.”  

Brooks’ interest in this scenario didn’t begin in 2020. Shortly after the 2016 election, she wrote an essay for Foreign Policy Magazine in which she described the ways (theoretically, of course) it would be possible to remove Trump from office before the 2020 election, and included in her scenarios was one involving a military coup.

The Added Threat of Mail-in Voting Fraud

And then there is this: Adding to the threats of violence if Biden is not elected, there is the mayhem that will be caused by continuing process of the mail-in ballots, which has already begun. The possibility for fraud in this process is overwhelming. It may take months to even count the votes. Yet the Democrats think this is a fine idea in the year of COVID-19. 

US Attorney General Bill Barr disagrees. In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Barr said,

“This is playing with fire. We’re a very closely divided country here, and people have to have confidence in the results of the election and the legitimacy of the government, and people trying to change the rules to this methodology, which, as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion, is reckless and dangerous.”

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, has reported that there are 3.5 million more names on voter lists throughout the country than there are eligible voters, and that following the 2016 election, “there were 462 counties across the U.S. in which voter registration exceeded 100% of the adult population.”

So what could possibly go wrong with massive mail-in voting in this election? 

A Year of — Decision

This year’s election is pivotal. The Democrats are fronting Joe Biden, whose mental and physical capacity seem greatly diminished from his former self. That he is physically and mentally up to handling the most difficult and demanding job in the world is, to say the least, questionable. 

This can only mean that the Democrats have a plan to ease him out of office once he is elected, and replace him with a young and vibrant and far, far left-of-center woman, Kamala Harris. But although a Joe Biden win promises some peace from the riots, it also portends a radical socialist agenda, foisted by the rich in Washington onto the rest of us. Their agenda will change America forever, impoverishing us with high taxes, costly mandated healthcare programs, and expensive regulatory requirements on every aspect of our lives. It is difficult to see how their socialist program will not inevitably bankrupt the country. 

On the other hand, a Trump win will, say the Democrats, spell an all out war in the streets. His agenda of building up the American economy by creating jobs and opportunity will come second to maintaining law and order, and trying to prevent a new civil war. 

America is at a dangerous crossroads. We are under attack by an insurrection led by anarchists, socialists, and thugs. The outcome is anything but certain. Still, the choice is clear. America was never meant to be a socialist country. That experiment is over.

Trump is a strong leader and his leadership has achieved the kind of results no one ever though possible. An overwhelming vote for Trump will be the only way to keep this country – and the American people – free.

We must protect the vision of our founding fathers and keep America free and democratic, but out of the hands of democrats!