Inspiration over Protestation

I am a big believer in consumers speaking to businesses with their dollars and patronage. If you don’t like the product or service of a business, don’t patronize them and spend your money elsewhere.

This leaves the business owner to run his business as they see fit to serve the majority of their clientele, and allows the customers who enjoy the product or service the ability to continue that relationship.

The ever increasing number of people who choose to come nullify that relationship between the business and their clients, by protesting, defaming or suing businesses is disturbing. These people have a view and agenda that disrupts the normal course of business to force the business to do or not do things against the owner’s wishes, but for the disruptor’s wishes. Two cases exemplify this perfectly. The first case is of the Denver baker who refused to bake a specific wedding cake for a lesbian couple due to his religious beliefs. Understand that the bakery did not refuse service to LGBT people. Anyone was free to shop in and buy from the bakery, but due to religious convictions the baker would not bake a custom cake for the specific purpose of this wedding. I understand the anti-discrimination laws. I don’t understand why just as human beings, the couple could not respect the bakery owner’s religious convictions and just go to another bakery. I’m not discussing laws here, the Supreme Court will sort this out. I’m just talking common sense and the respect for a view other than your own, when there are many other bakeries to choose from. How did this event justify ruining this couples dreams and livelihood and the human equity they put into building their business because someone did not get a cake?

The second example (of many) is the group DXE, or Direct Action Everywhere, that have been bullying the owners of a butcher shop in liberal Berkeley California, to hang an animal rights sign in their window. Protestors have covered themselves in fake blood outside their store while protesting for months in front of the store.

The Vegan group has decided that their eating habits are more important than the hard working couple that own the business and all of their customers who shop there. Over every restaurant and grocery store in the city that also sells meat, they have targeted this shop and this family with an intent to cause financial distress and harm unless they get their way. Who gives them the right to do this, morally and ethically? How would anyone feel having their hard work demolished by self-serving, unhappy, uniformed people, who decide that you are wrong and they are going to show you their version of right?

I have come to notice that most of the people in these protest groups seem to have no employment and have nothing better to do than to cause harm to people who have worked hard to employ people and create businesses to support themselves and their communities.

This is true of small protest groups like these, and large ones like the protesters with the Occupy Movement or at the Trump rallies. Those people did not even know what they were protesting against, were mostly unemployed people looking for something to gripe about, or were paid mercenary protestors who hurt good people, businesses, families and customers, along their inconsiderate way. They leave such human turbulence in their wake, along with the garbage they strew on properties, and I wonder how many even really understand the “cause”, or are lemmings needing something to do.

If these protesters want to really complain about rights, go protest against people who hurt children or the elderly. Even better, report them! Too many look the other way at those types of injustices, but have no problem taking a wedding cake case to the Supreme Court. I would suggest that if a business or a politician, does not serve your need, just go elsewhere. Speak with your money and speak with your votes. I don’t feel it is ethically right to harm others just because you don’t like what they sell, product or service-wise, or politically. I just don’t get who gave people this kind of self-centered, intolerant, better than thou attitudes, and don’t fathom what joy in life is received by destroying others. If all of these people protesting for all of these different reasons got a job and contributed to society, rather than harm those that do contribute, how much greater a nation we would have. Rather than sue a baker who chose his religion over my wedding, I’d have thought about opening a great bakery that catered to the LGBT community. The DX protesters could start a Vegan store that espouses their beliefs manifested in Vegan products. These are moments in life to inspire us to do better things if we disagree, not to tear down those we disagree with. The real win would be to out produce your nemesis, not force him out of business. There is such anger and hatred and violence in so many of the protest groups, we need to stop and think about what good comes from the destruction of others when just going elsewhere could have been the simplest answer.