Game of Thrones inventor George R.R. Martin said, “All Men Carry Murder in Their Heart, yet even so, the poisoner is beneath contempt.” Even for those of us who deal with murder on a regular basis, there is something especially chilling about the cold, premeditated poisoning of a loved one. And yet, while forensic toxicology has made great strides in helping us bring criminal poisoners to justice, poisoners remain among the most “successful” murderers; they are more likely to get away with it and more likely to do it again.

On this episode of Thread of Evidence, Dr. Joni Johnston interviews John Trestrail, a forensic and clinical toxicologist and the world’s foremost expert on criminal poisoning and murder by poisoning. They explore the personality profile of the homicidal poisoner, myths about who poisons and why, and the kinds of questions law enforcement officers should ask that might lead them to further investigate a suspicious death by poison.

Forensic & Clinical Toxicologist – Author – Speaker – Consultant:  John Trestrail graduated with honors, obtaining a B.S. degree in Pharmacy, from Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan, in 1967. He is a practicing boarded toxicologist, and for many years, was a visiting instructor at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, on the subject of criminal poisoning. He is recognized as the foremost authority on the subjects of criminal poisoning and murder by poison.

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