September 11, 2001 will always be the day remembered most as the moment terrorism came to New York and changed our country forever. Since this day, social scientists, government agencies, and law enforcement organizations have struggled to understand, identify and prevent radicalization and extreme beliefs from causing more violence and chaos. On this episode of Thread of Evidence, we hear the story of Jesse Morton, who went from being an all-American boy to a prominent radicalizer and chief propagandist for Revolution Muslim. Describing himself today as a reformed extremist and terrorist, he founded a nonprofit with the former NYPD official who once monitored him to combat hate and extremism and promote disengagement. 

Jesse Morton is co-founder and chief propagandist of Revolution Muslim, a New York City-based group active in the 2000s, he helped to insert the narrative of Al-Qaeda and Salafi-jihadist ideology into the American ambit. Morton had direct contact with some of the most prominent extremist preachers in the West. Revolution Muslim was connected to a number of terrorism cases.

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