False Narratives and Accusations driven by the former Bush-Obama Administrations and Appointed Elite Military Generals & Officers, one in particular, against U.S. Marine Special Forces Fox Company at one of Afghanistan’s Terrorist Havens known as Bati-Kot. Innocent Marines were within an inch of being falsely imprisoned.

COVER IMAGE: From Left, Lt. Col. Scott Jack, military council, Maj. Fred Galvin, Fox company commander and Mark Warple, civilian counsel, arrive on Camp Lejeune on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2007, for the second day of a court inquiry examining a March 4, 2007 incident in which Marines of Marine Special Operations, Fox Company are accused of opening fire on a crowded highway, killing as many as 17 civilians and wounding 50 others. (AP photo, Chuck Beckley)

Over time, a globalist culture has been created by shadow military-political complex forces, covertly aligned from the Battlefields of foreign lands to the migration of streets and communities across America, rewriting our traditions and beliefs through the indoctrination process of our children while erasing American history as a Christian-Judeo Nation.

War is big business and God help anyone getting in the way of the ruthless because they’ll slice and dice you any way they can to ensure their false narratives meet with their agenda’s request.

This nefarious front is very deeply rooted; they calculate and manipulate ways and means to eradicate our Constitutional Rights at every juncture of opportunity while they attempt to strong arm the leader of the free world; President Donald J Trump and the American people. After all, this 45th President of the United States of America is on a mission to drain the diabolical swamps of the military and political complex’s.

It is stated that the very near future promises justice by way of Military Tribunals to take place against the guilty “deep state” bad actors, those who have outworn their uniforms and suits for decades in contradiction of their oaths of high offices and leadership roles, once protected and masked by the powers of their secret cults and societies of communism, marxism, and other unorthodox orders via non American belief systems,that have morphed and threatened the national security of America and our people through the acts of TREASON, TYRANNY and SEDITION.

These divisive tactics arranged by these architects of demise, are the enemies from within, take note of who they are and how they are connected as they are currently being flushed out and exposed by their blatant and sinister plots, for they have poked the sleeping giant in the eyes for the last time. The JIG is up, we know who you are!!

Support for America resonates from the sidelines by those who have birthed a common pain and loss of legacy, it is through a silent rage, shared and echoed among fellow Patriots, Veterans, Gold Star Families, and the awakened American man and woman who possess a moral decency vs moral decay.

It is a life time mission by the less than 1% of American Valor to protect and defend our American way of life against those who are defiant and radical in their beliefs.

What we have witnessed through the former administrations are the increased Weaponized words and regulations used in the Rules of Engagement (ROE’s) aka Generals Orders as well as Tactical Directives that have been used against our own men on the battlefield, handcuffing them from being able to defend themselves in war zones. These tragic deaths of our honorable and valorous warriors is also apart of the false narratives these elite ring knockers use to aide and abetting the enemy forces for they share the same secret global agenda.

The crimes that take place on battlefields against U.S.Forces has risen during the Bush-Obama years, it would be interesting to truly know just how many innocent warriors are serving in Leavenworth because of the egregious acts committed against them.

These sacrosanct incarnates belong to the legacy of the revolving doors of Lobbyists, Corporations, Military-Political, Media and other, believing themselves to be above the law, They are the very reason why America was stripped from within and left void of “Rule of Law” until Jan 2017 and the Trump Presidency.

Growing up in a military family myslef… the daughter of a U.S.Marine and the Gold Star Mother of a stellar Marine Fallen American Hero, My son was killed in action during the high profile “Ganjgal Ambush” in Kunar Province Afghanistan,Sept 8, 2009, tied to two living Medal of Honor Recipients, Marine Sgt Dakota Meyer and Army Captain William Swenson.

The tragedy of my son and his Marine ETT 2-8 Team were met by elite ring knocker Officers who were derelict in their positions, it was through their negligence and abandonment that my Marine son and his men did not receive the air and artillery support they needed to fight the 100 to 150 Taliban forces, to add insult to injury, certain military officers were defiant in administering the supported our Marines needed that fateful day, ensuing their fate and the altering of our American family lineages forever in time, because they were more concerned about winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. Their lives were redacted, just like the 15-6 Investigation Report which was met with one obfuscation after another obfuscation. Honorable Marines, hung out to die.

No… My fallen Marine and Gold Star families received no justice. A message to you Anti American Ring Knockers, “Marines serve with honor, always “Semper Fidelis” and so do our families! We know who you are and the stain you leave behind, how many of your kind have blood on your hands!! Who are the real enemies within?

Allow me to re-introduce to you the 11th year Anniversary of a crime committed by elite ring knockers….against our Marine Special Forces who were innocent of any wrong doing,

There was “no fog of war” during the Bati-Kot ambush, yet an escalating epidemic, a microcosm of what has transpired on the battlefields since the Bush-Obama administrations.

Honorable Warriors have been met by a multitude of warn out narratives used by corrupt military commanders shifting the TRUTH of what transpires on the battlefields by home grown terrorists, camouflaging their unorthodox nature for the benefit of a globalist agenda.

This full Marine story was NEVER HEARD as a “STAIN on Honor” was cast upon honorable Marines by the unethical elite officers who names are mentioned throughout this story, a story that mirrors exactly what is NOT being presented by the deaf and dumb antics of mainstream media and the enemies within the deep military-political arenas.

Fred Galvin has been on a lonely, emotional mission to restore honor to members of his elite commando unit who were wrongfully branded as war criminals during one of the most notorious criminal cases brought against U.S. service members during America’s war in Afghanistan.

Fox Company, 2nd MSOB, the first MARSOC unit to deploy to Afghanistan. (Mike Morones/Staff)

According to a personal interview with source and the Military Times “Major Fred Galvin was commander of Marine Special Operations Company Foxtrot in March 2007, when he became a central figure in one of the most publicized and ultimately flawed war-crimes cases since the Vietnam War.

More than a year later, after a three-week military tribunal called a court of inquiry, Galvin and six of his Marines were cleared of all wrongdoing related to allegations they indiscriminately killed innocent Afghans when a suicide car bomber targeted their convoy. But long before they appeared in court, Fox Company’s Marines were publicly condemned by several senior military officers, sold out by those responsible for upholding the unassailable American ideal that anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty.

As that investigation revealed, Fox Company had been set up to fail from Day One. The Marines were sent into the war zone dangerously under-resourced only to be orphaned once in theater without a clearly defined mission. After the attack on March 4, 2007, they were portrayed as possible war criminals by the media and senior military commanders more immediately concerned with political fallout than determining ground truth. And when a military tribunal definitively cleared Fox Company’s Marines of wrongdoing, their exoneration never received the same degree of media coverage as the initial allegations. That was by design, Galvin believes.

MARSOC’s first combat deployment, Maj. Fred Galvin, CO of Marine, Special Operations Company Foxtrot was relieved after the unit was accused of going on a rampage and killing of 17 civilians following an ambush.

After an international uproar, years of legal wrangling and what Galvin calls abuses of authority on the part of U.S. Commanders, he and the unit were “quietly exonerated” of any wrong doing. Galvin says the public NEVER heard the real story and the men of MARSOC FOXTROT have been burdened by the accusations for years stemming from the 2006 to 2007 time frame.”

Major Galvin states, “It is critically important that people understand we used precision fires, restraint”

In the current times we live, we have witnessed the propagandized acts of the mainstream media, they are quick to exaggerate false truths and no where to be found when illumination of facts should be cast out to the masses.

“Widespread media coverage depicted them as out-of-control cowboys. The public scrutiny was embarrassing. The prospect of going to prison was terrifying. And their 10-month legal battle was relentlessly stressful. One enlisted Marine, a Mexican national, was convinced his mother would be deported. Others recalled their superiors telling them “it doesn’t look good for you boys.”

“They called themselves Task Force Violent. Recently declassified documents raise troubling questions about the military’s effort to send these Marines to prison. A legal tribunal ultimately cleared them of allegations they had mindlessly mowed down innocent Afghans, and exposed failures by senior leaders who sent them into the war zone without clear orders and without being sufficiently outfitted for combat. But the highly publicized ordeal left many of these men shattered casualties, they say, of a politicized war and the sensational coverage by a media fed a story that sacrificed the truth from Day One, a truth only now coming to light.”

Recent picture March 2018 of General John (Mick) Nicholson in charge of Afghanistan forces seen here with General Mattis.

Referencing the Military Times Part 4, in sources below, Please listen to General John Nicholson’s press conference to the Afghan people as he throws our U.S.Marine Special Forces under the bus stating that the Afghan people are the “center of gravity” and the narrative Nicholson is using in this incident is a “stain on our honor” as he and other elite leaders will provide “solatia” as a gesture of the United States collective remorse for what tragedy took place on March 4th.

Now the Truth:

This is a false narrative that covers the false flag against the innocent U.S. Marine Special Forces who were set up as pawns to take the fall for the false flag against the Afghan people on March 4, 2007, eleven years ago.

The “Solatia” payments are compensation payments not for the incident mentioned yet for an obtuse unseen agenda.

President Trump promises to drain the Political as well as Military Swamps and the Army General mentioned throwing valor under the bus is more Political than Military.

General John (Mick) Nicholson is born into a family dynasty of elite ring knockers. His father is Ret. Army General John W. Nicholson, and his Uncle Jim Nicholson, is best friends with former President George W Bush, and former head of Veterans Affairs, yes remember when all the problems started at the Veterans Administration, their thousands of missing files on Veterans and untimely deaths and unending assaults American valor?

Uncle Jim Nicholslon was also the Ambassador to the Vatican. Stated, “Mr. Nicholson served as U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, a position he held since 2001, where he became a well-known advocate in Rome for the elevation of human dignity, giving special emphasis to human trafficking, religious freedom, starvation and bio-tech food, HIVAIDS, and international terrorism. He was knighted by Pope John Paul II in October 2003 for this work representing the U.S. to the Vatican.”

Today during the Trump administration and Americans are gaining a clearer picture on connecting the dots as all that was hidden for decades.

In the past year, heinous crimes reported by witnesses against the activities surrounding the Vatican, Human Trafficking, the United Nations and other, connecting worlds of underground evil acts against humanity under the guise of do gooders. More false narratives. Remind us all again…”Who cast the stain on our honor”?

The leadership under President Trump is welcomed by the majority of the masses, yet muted by mainstream media. Patriots are waiting to witness the promises of military tribunals against the deep state bad actors within the political-military arenas, who falsely used their high platforms in a weaponized manner against Americans. Soon their gig is up and they will be snatched and grabbed by the same karmic energy they cast upon the masses, except they performed under greed and secrecy, our leadership performs under justice and honor.

Reflecting back to Afghanistan’s current American Commanding General John ( Mick) Nicholson, and his speel to win the hearts and minds of foreign agents in 2007. It’s now eleven years later, question is, how much money, American dollars have gone missing from our military budget through this so called “SOLATIA”? and How many innocent Warriors paid for false narrative crimes?

According to the Military Times, “During early May 2007, Army Col. John Nicholson greeted the Pentagon press corps via satellite from Jalalabad Airfield, from which he oversaw all military activity in the region. Earlier in the day, Nicholson, now a three-star general in charge of NATO Land Command in Turkey, presided over what’s called a solatia ceremony. In accordance with Afghan custom, he explained, he and other leaders handed out money — solatia — as a gesture of the United States’ collective remorse for what happened March 4.

Such payouts are not intended to convey liability, Nicholson told reporters. But what he said next expressed the opposite. Reading from prepared remarks he shared with the Afghan villagers during the solatia ceremony, Nicholson apologized. “I stand by you today deeply, deeply ashamed and terribly sorry that Americans have killed and wounded innocent Afghan people,” he said, calling the incident a “stain” on the American military’s honor. “This was a terrible, terrible mistake.”

Through an Army spokesperson, Nicholson declined to discuss the case with Military Times, saying that doing so would be inappropriate as his testimony remains classified. In 2008, he told the court of inquiry that he wrote the speech personally and carefully to avoid prejudicing the Marines by alluding to their actions specifically, the court’s report says. But then Nicholson did precisely that in media interviews following the solatia ceremony, the court’s report shows. He also said there were 17 dead and 50 wounded.”

Marine Major Fred Galvin states “American service members must never be treated this way, especially not by our own government’s attorneys who, when the facts clearly proved we were innocent, argued…to send us to jail.”

“What happened to us…can’t be seen as a success. The Marine Corps slogan of “Mission first and Marines always” is indicative of how we served. And we respectfully request the record to be set straight by a clear statement from the Corps….”these Marines did not kill any Afghan civilians. This will allow us to be reconciled inside the Corps and for the healing process to begin.”

Marine Corps leadership has remained quiet on the matter.

In retrospect, regarding the Marine Corps leadership still remaining quiet on this matter even after ten years…There is a Gentleman and Warrior among men, one of the best most Patriotic Congressmen serving for we the people… a special Thank you to Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) for his devoted service to Truth, as he fully supports our Veterans as well as Active Military and Gold Star Families. Congressman Jones works tiredlessly for the protection of our troops and their families and goes the extra mile to ensure every measure of Justice.

Semper Fi Congressman Walter Jones, our Marine families commend you for your fight on restoring the measure of honor back the men it was stolen from.

As in the tragic incident with Major Fred Galvin and his Marine Special Operations Team who was falsely accused off killing Afghans.

“WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) applauded the United States Marine Corps for publically exonerating the members of Marine Special Operations Company Foxtrot who were wrongfully accused of murdering innocent civilians in the Bati Kat district of Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province in March of 2007. Congressman Jones has been working with the Marines of Fox Company to get their names cleared for the past 10 years. Their story has been chronicled in many publications, including a five-part Marine Corps Times series.

In December of 2017, Congressman Jones wrote to Marine Corps Commandant Robert Neller and asked him to take a fresh look at the case. The commandant reviewed the matter, and in January, responded with a letter exonerating Fox Company. The letter affirmed the finding of the 2008 Court of Inquiry and clearly states that the Marines “acted in accordance with the applicable operations order, the rules of engagement, and the law of armed conflict; and that the Marines’ actions on that day ‘reflected sound military judgement.’”

“These men have been to hell and back,” said Congressman Jones. “They were bravely serving their country, only to have their personal and professional lives ruined by misinformation and poor timing. I very much appreciate General Neller and his staff for taking a look at this case and reiterating that these men did nothing wrong on March 4, 2007.”

Fox Company was the first ever operational unit deployed into combat from MARSOC, the Marine Corps component within U.S. Special Operations Command. To this day there are aspects of this fateful experience, including key courtroom testimony, that remain classified.