Your Inner Soul and Your Outer Life Path, Meet Steve Wentworth 2

For many people the beginning of a new year is a time to reflect, ponder, plan and to determine what happens next. The message today is most timely. This is an opportunity to receive a far deeper guide to your inner soul and your outer life path that will empower you with valuable tools needed to set you on a constructive path for the future. A path that will provide you hope, vision and a sensible plan for you and your future. Our guest is a very special man gracing us from the UK, whose work draws upon his connection to the Universe, the Spirit World, life experience, intuition and beliefs. Please do not confuse this approach with fortune telling. A bigger question I want to ask Steve today is this – Are Spiritual people more worthy, more righteous or more enlightened?

Steve Wentworth is a spiritual thought leader, spiritual empowerer and teacher, life and business coach, healer and author. Steve is a regular featured expert on UK Talk Radio, broadcast nationally in the UK and also available online to international audiences. Shows include a range of topics, including philosophical discussion, practical advice on personal advancement and self-improvement, as well as methods for spiritual empowerment and unfoldment. He is a contributing author on the Simple Reminders Network, with work soon to be published in print as well as regular articles featured on his website and across the web.

Steve Wentworth attracts an international client base, working with individuals and groups primarily based in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. As well as working with people from all walks of life, he continues to assist a host of high profile clients including performing artists, published authors, government officials, multi-national CEOs and global business leaders with bespoke spiritual strategies and intuitive guidance.

Steve Wentworth’s work addresses these and many other questions – problems that many struggle to deal with on a day to day basis.

  • Guidance with love, relationships, career and wealth
  • Guidance with Creating new life opportunities, developing constructive perspectives
  • Spiritual development
  • Help with Overcoming life events and trauma
  • Help Making sense of complicated or difficult situations and finding constructive solutions
  • Finding peace and a path to move forward
  • Getting understanding after a loved one’s passing, losing a job, losing a loved one
  • A listening ear and sourcing additional support if required

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