I’m dumbstruck when I consider all the money authorized and wasted by the Republican controlled congress over the past two years, on the baseless Trump-Russia collusion fallacy when the low hanging fruit of the Clinton’s RICO reeking cabal that is Bill and Hillary’s self sustaining charitable foundation offers such low hanging fruit so ripe for the picking that even the most incompetent federal prosecutor, even one with a mail order degree, could win.  

The avowed criminal, former FBI Director James Comey, by his own admission, is one of those low hanging fruits ready for easy harvesting. He should be a “slam-dunk” for prosecution. So is Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok, Bruce Orr and the several previously disgraced attorneys serving on Mueller’s team of Trump hating investigators. (Sen Stevens R-AK)

Now that Pelosi and her stable of mindless idiot socialists are soon to take over the House, the GOP has finally decided, in its last three weeks of existence, to consider the crimes of the Clinton Foundation ignored by the DoJ, and investigate ‘em themselves. It’s all Nonsense! Pushed for time the GOP has now decided they had better look like they are doing something to appease the base. But remember, most of these people are still part of the “uni-party’ that is the deep state, many of them still hate Donald Trump. 

Taking down the Clintons should be easy via her foundation. Hillary, the driving force of her foundations corruption, unfortunately lacks the people skills that should keep the little people under her, the now mass of whistleblowers coming forward, from turning “states evidence” and dropping a dime. Many have physical evidence proving her corruption and now we learn that one whistleblower has been the recipient of a late night FBI search warrant. Why was that? He already gave them everything he had. It was to shut him and other whistleblowers up. 

The mafia does that for their own security except they don’t take chances; the whistleblower is usually killed publicly, for all to see so that other witnesses will readjust their commitment to law and order. Right now, a bunch of former Clinton employees, State Dept. employees and others, who Hillary held in contempt as simply “little people,” servants beneath her dignity, are ready to dump on her. So, let’s get it going. 

The former senior executive levels of the FBI, Director James Comey and his associates, considered themselves sacrosanct when it comes to enforcing the law of the United States, except when the law interferes with their own needs. At the moment, they want Trump out of office before they lose everything and, hiding behind the facade of counterintelligence, they set about fabricating a case against Donald Trump, because he won and their favorite, Hillary Clinton, didn’t. That is injustice personified and corruption at its most apparent. 

One of their early targets was Trump’s National Security advisor, Lt. Gen. Flynn, former Director of the DIA, with a distinguished thirty year army career. Through ruse and subterfuge, they tricked the general into making statements, not under Miranda warning, that they claimed were lies. Lying to the FBI constitutes a serious crime if nothing else can be proven. It now appears, the Federal judge involved in the Flynn case, has serious doubts about the FBI’s handling of the Flynn case. Flynn pled ‘guilty’ just to avoid bankruptcy but, nonetheless, he was left near destitute, in penury. That’s injustice personified. 

What do we learn from this tawdry business? Stay out of politics? Perhaps! Trust the judiciary to do the right thing or absolutely never, ever speak to or trust the FBI? All apply. 

Remember, Liberty is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!