An Injustice of Justice, The NYPD Bernie Kerik Story 2

What is the real story behind this one man being sentenced to prison – and his valuable contribution to American Policing? New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik was ignored by the former President while thousands of drug traffickers, murderers and hardened criminals were pardoned or had their sentences commuted by Barrack Obama.

This week on BLUE LIVES RADIO, The Voice of American Law Enforcement, Show Host Lt Randy Sutton delivers a powerful interview with former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik on not just his own pardon application being ignored but how the principles applied by NYPD so successfully to bring down the murder rate – could work in Chicago.

Bernie Kerik was the 40th Police Commissioner of the City of New York, 9/11 Survivor, NYC Correction Commissioner, NY Times bestselling author, and public and motivational speaker.

“One of the most accomplished and effective leaders of law enforcement in America” -President of the U.S. GEORGE W. BUSH

Pres George W Bush and NYPD Comm Bernie Kerik

Also in this episode, Lt Sutton takes on Black Lives Matter and the Mayor of Stuart, Florida in his “View from the Blue” and the wife of a Police Officer suffering from PTSD thanks President Trump and pleas for help for her husband and others suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. You don’t want to miss this…

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