The story of our lives is riddled with bits and pieces of other people’s stories. Do we really know our own thoughts? How can you tell if you are thinking from your own brain? 

What we read, hear and see has a direct affect upon our belief system. As a matter of fact, our exposure dictates how we function in the world around us. Although we are limited by our exposure, we are also defined by it. 

We think culturally, societal, academically, traditionally, gender-ly, geographically and spiritually. What do we do when we are really made up of something or someone else’ view of life? How can we deliver our souls from the toxic personas we call “ME?” 

Whether we want to or not the media is constantly thrust in front of us. We are listening with trained ears to the news, watching movies and soaps to mirror back images of every day lives. Words like “Reality Television” flaunts the message that these individuals are living real lives. Sadly, audiences around the world soon forget that it is still television and whether these people call themselves actors or not, the camera is rolling, and the bills are being paid! 

Sadly, many people will live long lives yet never living “their” lives. They will work hard to “make a living” and spend time doing what “the system” said they should be and do while never awakening to the true self of themselves. What a waste to live so long and never know or acknowledge there is a call of God upon each of our lives. 

We have been intoxicated with heavy metal. That is, we have used technology (television, radio, internet) to seek information, but what has happened is that in all our seeking we have now become hypnotized by the popular vote (likes, views) of the influencers amongst us. 

If they have a million views they must be genius and we should follow them, right? If they are trending on YouTube than we should subscribe, right? After all, we do not want to appear “out of the know” do we? The fact is no one will know or care if you subscribe to their channel. Who will care that you viewed that video or listened to the Podcast other than yourself. 

As an educator, I can tell you I support sound information and education across all channels, but those people do not define who I am. Neither should you allow them to define you. Are you masking your life behind who is popular in your culture? Consider the “class culture” of high school kids. They gravitate to the “most popular kids” leaving those who do not join the circle feeling as though they are not good enough. 

These kids influence the way other kids see themselves. They ultimately decide the style, hair and language that should be viewed by others as well, let’s just say, perfect. The kids who do not “fit in” are ousted and ridiculed daily and some even commit suicide behind these self-made “influencers.” 

In a world where everyone wants to be someone; we have allowed the media to drive us. We have set aside our own God-given brains to think what they tell us to. Now, we are wandering about in our everyday lives waiting for CNN, FOX, NBC etc. to tell us how we should feel about our world. Just like the “popular kids” we follow what’s trending. 

God created us in His image to have a whole brain. He wanted us to think for ourselves and to make decisions based on having all the information within our reach. The problem is, we have the information, yet we have exchanged it for the influencers. Just as Eve did in Genesis Chapter 3; she chose to receive the words of the serpent over what she already had; An Identity. 

Eve was told if she ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, she would be somebody. She was already somebody; the mother of all the living. The exchange was not a good deal at all! She bargained with the devil and she and Adam lost. 

When we engage in following influencers rather than being informed; we sell ourselves short. We sell our souls to being drifters in life rather than “livers” of life. The world was made perfect. God called it all GOOD. The “Not so good” happened when mankind looked outside of himself for fruit. 

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all of these things shall be added to you (Matthew 6:33).” Seeking God means to turn your heart to the greatest influencer of all times, and that is the one-man Jesus Christ. His story is the true model which leads everyone to know their true essence. His life is the “model life” from Heaven to Earth and from Earth to Heaven. 

Because of what Jesus did; we can truly know who we are and why we are here. We do not need the media to tell us. The covers of Essence, Lifestyle, Newsweek or Forbes change often and quickly; yet a life in Christ only gets better through His presence.  

I heard a man boast of his mentor being the richest man in the world; with all due respect; my mentor is greater that any man who has or will walk this earth. He does not bully us into change but gently and lovingly leads us into it. We can find answers to every question in His Book. The pages from which will lead us into a Good Life that is an Everlasting Life built from Love. 

This my friends is my influencer. Who’s yours?