As America celebrates Independence Day, it is a good time to look back and look ahead at where we’ve been and where we are going. The pioneers who ventured away from their homelands to begin life in a new unknown world began an episode in history that is unparalleled. 

Our country had a rocky start. Our first settlers soon found themselves under the boot of British imperialism. They lacked any civil rights and were forced to house British troops in their homes. There was taxation without representation and they continuously suffered persecution. We went to war with Great Britain and won our independence. However, eighty-five years later we found our nation embroiled in a civil war over slavery and a host of other issues. The nation was divided between separatist Confederate States and the northern Union states. Americans went through a horrible civil war, with so much loss of life. We came out the other side a stronger America and eventually a more united America. Then we fought through two world wars and pulled together as never before to fight the Nazi’s and the Marxist ideals, not only to protect our own fledgling country, but to protect the rest of Europe from a life of Socialism and the loss of their freedoms.

America has been and remains that Shining City on a Hill that Ronald Reagan spoke about many years ago. We are the beacon of freedom and opportunity, a bastion of free speech, freedom of religion, and a country of laws. We are ruled by the people, and for the people as was set out by our forefathers in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

With those rights, come responsibilities. It is the responsibility of the legislative branch to enact laws that are for the good of the people. Sadly, we have too much enacting of laws without the consent of the people, and enacting laws that serve a very small minority rather than the majority. We have made the special interests more important than the majority of Americans in many cases. We have also abdicated the job that the legislatures exists for, with politicians mired in obstruction and infighting. We have those that are so enamored with power that they have forgotten about our Constitution and the good Americans they serve.

It is the responsibility of the Executive Branch to carry out the laws enacted by the legislative branch. This today seems to be misunderstood by many Americans, in the absence of Civics being taught in schools. This branch includes the President and about 5 million employees in various roles of carrying out and enforcing the laws.

The Judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the laws according to our United States Constitution. That does not include legislating from the bench as our current activist judges like to do. They have strayed from their judicial roles into roles of activism and are changing the norms and values of society by a perverted personal view that twists our constitution in ways that favor criminals and forwards a personal political view rather than a constitutional one.

There is an insidious cancer in our country, striving to remove our rule of law, and remove our God and to turn us toward a socialist/Marxist type of society. Those who buy into that thought have only to look to history to see that is a losing proposition. In today’s world of entitlements, free sounds good. In today’s world of fake news and dishonest spin, it is easy to fool a public too busy, or too uninformed into believing narratives that have a socialist agenda behind them. In today’s world where power hungry politicians are more interested in their own pockets and power, they have forgotten their mission in government.

In a country where some want to open the borders to anyone, with no understanding of the true consequences to all of America, it is easy to feel anger and frustration and fear. We are losing or ignoring our lessons from history

But I have faith. I have faith that we can bring God back to a more prominent role in American lives. I have faith, as I travel this country, that there are so many patriotic, good Americans in the heartlands of these United States, and they see what is going on, and they will not let it stand. We are truly a nation divided right down the middle on so many issues. Our values are shifting and not for the better. Life has a way of turning back around and I think that tide is rising. Donald Trump was the first wave, and there will be more. I believe in the America that I see from the highways and backroads of America every day, more than I believe in the America that television and the media show me. Look at the crowds of thousands at a President Trump rally. In the media, Maxine Waters gets even more play for a crowd of 40.

We will stand for our liberties, our rights, and our rule of law. We will stand behind our first responders and our police, border patrol, ICE agents, firefighters, our military and those that protect and serve and risk everything to uphold American laws and values. We will stand for our Constitution.

We have problems. We have internal enemies and external enemies. But make no mistake, America is the greatest country on earth, and the silent majority is alive and well. They are God fearing, patriotic, good people who bleed red, white and blue. Those who would choose to bring socialism to America will not succeed. Those who choose to have no borders and turn our country into a third world replica, will not succeed. Those who hate what America stands for will wither on the vine.

We are Americans. We are strong, we are compassionate, we are entrepreneurial, we are devoted to our families, our religions, our freedoms, our rule of law and our rights.  Celebrate Independence Day! Celebrate who we are and the greatness of our way of life in America, and do what you can to make it better. Happy Fourth of July America and god Bless America! And God Bless and keep safe our Military and all of our First Responders.