If you live in New York, then you could be one of the many New Yorkers moving out of the ‘Big Apple’ to live in a safer environment. A new Bill passed on January 1, 2020 by the Democratic-controlled legislature in Albany, is a bail reform bill which allows many criminals charged with outrageous crimes, to simply walk free and hopefully, maybe, possibly, perhaps return for their court dates.

It appears, every time you think the wacky liberals could not get more bizarre, they do something which is more bizarre than the last. The Democrats have now created a revolving door of criminality that will make your head spin. Take for example, Jared Woodberry, a serial bank robber in Manhattan. Woodberry pulled four robberies at Chase Bank locations throughout the area. The New York Post reported, “because Woodberry allegedly robbed using a note, rather than a gun, no New York jail can currently hold him, no matter how many times he strikes, his alleged grand larceny’s are classified as nonviolent felonies, meaning no judge can order him held pending trial.”

This is truly one of the most bizarre examples of poor political leadership that has ever been displayed in any state. After his arrest and release, Woodberry himself proclaimed, “I can’t believe they let me out!”

After his fifth bank robbery in Brooklyn recently, the police are now hunting again for Mr. Woodberry. And when found, he will be released again. Any sane person reading this would absolutely think this to be a joke, but sadly it is not. This should shock the conscience of all of us who rely on law enforcement in the justice system to keep innocent people stay safe in their own communities. But here is just a sample of the kinds of suspects who Democrats think should be allowed to roam the streets of New York;

  • Criminal obstruction of breathing, which means of course, strangling someone
  • Various degrees of arson
  • Killing a police dog or police horse. Keep in mind police dogs and police horses are officers of the law, but now you can kill one and be treated as though you are a jaywalker
  • Using a child to commit a controlled substance crime. Criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near a school. In other words, someone dealing drugs to children in school
  • Third-degree assault is a hate crime
  • Reckless assault of a child by a day-care provider
  • Menacing as a hate crime
  • Pointing a laser at an aircraft

On January 6, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finally responded to the chaos that was unfolding. He noted, “We are going to work on it because there are consequences we have to adjust for. There’s no doubt this is still a work in progress and there are other changes that have to be made.”

Really Governor, you think there are changes that need to be made? What in the world gave you that impression?

Bill Bratton, former NYPD Commissioner, commented during a radio interview how much bail reform was a mess. He went on to say, “it’s a disgrace in terms of what they put forth, and as the public learns more about it, the outrage will build, and hopefully they’ll reform the reforms.”

The Democrat and Chronicle reported, “in recent weeks counties in the state were estimating about 3800 inmates total, would need to be released who are already in jail awaiting trial.” An estimated 880 criminals locked up in New York City, are be part of those 3800 inmates. The immediate simple solution would be to give judges discretion about whom to release into the community. But this failure of legislating and the creation of chaos is nothing new for Democrats. They have no consideration for the impact to the general public on their lack of leadership, which has no common sense to it.

We now have the “criminal justice” reform gas lighting the population into supporting something that is actually the complete opposite of what is promised. What the New York Democratic legislature has done is criminal.

They have severely weakened the safety of every citizen in the state and should be held accountable for it. While our country has been distracted by Democrats in Washington as they try to remove a duly elected president from his office, another state controlled by Democrats, abolishes the rule of common sense.

When it comes to progressive politics⏤it’s becoming increasingly clear, there is nothing common about common sense.