Every day on the America Out Loud Network we talk about corporate and political agendas and how we can effect a change. This article is to address an issue that has been avoided for far too long. There is an outright travesty of justice and inhumane act supported by those with corporate and political greed agendas affecting billions of lives around the world. The majority of our topics here on the network are based on current news trends my colleagues and I want to shed light on for you. Topics that everyone wants to talk about but do not have the platform to do so as we talk about those things here on America Out Loud. 

Today this article is representative of one of those “HOT” topics. It is the subject that is still not discussed openly and candidly as it should be. Well, today that changes. This article will stir your soul to radically change the way you see your monthly cycle and how you as a woman will begin to change your lifestyle when it comes to what you use in and on your body.

Remember when you first heard the words “Toxic Shock Syndrome?” What was being sold as a safe and reliable product was now the possible cause of death. What woman wants to think of her sanitary products as being a killer? Who would do such a thing? What political and corporate group is behind this horrible crime of allowing this to continue? This is in my opinion murder in cold blood. 

We were being lulled into a market that was still virtually unresearched. The commercials about our feminine products were created with soft tones of sweet innocent girls and women who appear to have our best interest at heart. Little did we know they were just as naïve as we were. 

Drug stores and later department stores began to line their shelves with pretty boxes, some with lace and pearls to sell femininity. We were seduced into believing “they” care. The pretty little lying labels on the shelves and ads in our favorite magazines cannot be wrong, right? 

What were we to do? The tampons that were supposed to allow me to participate in sports without the fear of spotting was tearing me apart inside. I was a cheerleader and ran track. How was I to stop to change a pad when I needed to go run hurdles? The questions came, and the research was still far too new to trust what we were hearing.

Most of the girls just ignored it. However, I decided over the years it was just not a good idea to continue to use something that could possible affect my health. I felt something, or someone (God) saying “don’t use those tampons anymore!” I stopped and never looked back. 

That has been quite a few years ago and a ton of research has confirmed tampons are dangerous. I still will not recommend tampons no matter what 2 or 3 letter degree person tells me it is okay. Common sense prevails here. Funding is available to invest in sexual robots but not for putting ingredients on sanitary napkins is incredulous. 

Dr. Joseph S Bushra, MD, FAAEM in an article written for www.emedicinehealth.com states that Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare, life-threatening illness that is caused by toxins (poisons) that circulate in the bloodstream. He states that bacteria that have infected some part of the body release these toxins and people with toxic shock syndrome develop high fever, rash, low blood pressure, and failure of multiple organ systems in the body.Dr. Bushra noted that TSS was first found in children in 1978, however it did not gain recognition until there was an epidemic in 1981 of women who were using tampons. 

Now let’s use these wonderful brains God has given us.  

Women are designed to have a monthly blood flow. When we insert a tampon, we are forcefully stopping that flow. So, what happens to the blood that should be flowing out, it is being push back inside of our bodies and can cause all types of health issues. Keep in mind ladies we are wearing an inorganic object inside of our bodies for a week or more 12 months out of the year! 

Did you know?

  • First, both tampons and pads contain cotton. Yes, that is right cotton. Although “cotton” sounds so soft and comfortable, inside of our bodies it is a nightmare. Cotton is being sprayed with deadly toxins during and before it is harvested. 
  • Both Tampons and Pads have chlorine in them. This ladies and gentlemen produces dioxin, which has been linked to breast cancer, endometriosis, immune system suppression, and God knows what else. The long-term effects of cotton and bleach inside of our bodies remains unknown. 
  • PMS has been known and reported to be associated with tampon usage. It makes me wonder how much of the Post-Partum Depression may also be associated. I will do research and get back with you on this as well as symptoms when women are pre and post-menopausal. 
  • Some tampons are scented to entice you as a buyer. Where do they get those scents? These scents cause irritation that result in swelling, rashes and odors.
  • Both Glamour Magazine and Good Housekeeping in their May 9, 2016 issues states theses scents destroy the good bacteria and can cause infections. 
  • The plastic applicator leaks into the environment killing wildlife. 
  • The FDA (First Devil’s Advocate) states tampons are a medical device therefore is exempt from placing ingredients on the packaging.

News Flash Ladies! The government does not care that chemicals are going into our bodies.

Millions of articles are online for buying whole and natural foods and far too few on the danger of putting large amounts of pesticides inside of our bodies using tampons. The material used to make your tampons are often farmed using harsh pesticides and chemicals and the government has not issued a no-fly zone for them to be absorbed into your body.

“Women’s Voices for the Earth has found that a wide variety of chemicals and pesticides can contaminate the cotton used in popular brands of tampons — including procymidone and piperonal butoxide, which the EPA has determined to be a “probable human carcinogen.” But shockingly, there has so far been no significant scientific research into what risks women might be exposing ourselves to when we expose our vaginal tissue to these chemicals.” 

Source: www.bustle.com 

According to Bustle even the organic tampons are bleached but they are bleached with hydrogen peroxide which does not leave behind any residual chemicals. The reason these corporations do not use it is because it is more expensive. Therefore, they continue to use the chlorine bleaching method to make more money. Surprised?

Robin Danielson died in 1998 at the age of 44 after contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from the use of a conventional brand of tampons. Today many women feel like TSS is something that they no longer need to worry about and believe that tampons are now much improved. While it’s true that the product Robin used was eventually pulled from the market, there are still some unanswered questions about the general safety of tampons.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) has created legislation named after Robin Danielson-the Robin Danielson Feminine Hygiene Product Safety Act-that demands the National Institutes of Health undertake independent testing of all feminine hygiene products to ascertain the health impact of using tampons and sanitary pads. The acts also asks that the FDA make publicly known the contents of all of these products.

Congresswoman Maloney first introduced legislation related to tampon safety in the 105th Congress with the Tampon Safety and Research Act of 1997. In 1999, Congresswoman Maloney introduced the Robin Danielson Act.

” “I introduced this legislation so that American women can make educated consumer decisions about a product that has the potential to endanger their health and their lives,” Maloney said. “73 million American women use tampons, but there is no research to support the absolute safety of the product. This legislation will also provide health professionals and doctors with information to correctly inform their patients about the safety of these products.”

In my research Representative Maloney has reintroduced this bill almost every year since 1997! No one on Capitol Hill is listening or seems to care. But, I care, you care and we here on America Out Loud care and we are not going to be quiet. 

Tampons are used by approximately 73 million American women – that’s 53% of American women and almost a third of the total population. Women can have a total lifetime use of 16,800 tampons. These are staggering numbers and we must do something to get congress to listen. Contact your congressperson today to let them know you want that billed passed now! 

You can track the bill here:


Surprisingly the bill appears to be stuck in committee. I have been shamefully quiet for much too long on this subject, but as we say here on America Out Loud, “Let the Silent Voices Be Heard!” 

Join me in getting “Out Loud” about this injustice to women. It is a righteous cause and I challenge every woman to rise and shine on this one! I propose a boycott in favor of a better, higher quality product that you can find on www.endcorporatecancer.com. It is a product line I have found to be the only one of its kind, and it is changing the way we live, seriously. Yes, it is one of my sites however, the products are created by people who understand what we need and how to serve those needs. 

Some of the proceeds will go toward educating women and girls about the dangers of using these chemically glazed products. www.endcorporatecancer.com