It was no longer acceptable to sit home and complain and do nothing in regards to all the negativity and hatred in the world. She had to do something – but what? How about orchestrating two hundred or so people from around the globe to sing a new twist on an old classic – perhaps they sing into their smart phones or whatever, they send the mp3 files to a musician in Australia. Could even get one of the biggest talents in the world to sing the lead – like Multi-award winning singer and human rights advocate Kate Ceberano. Then let’s take the other two hundred or so voices, and meticulously mirror these tracks together – so in essence we create one harmony and one voice singing Waltzing Matilda.

I know what you’re thinking – IMPOSSIBLE! I kinda referenced this point to musician Dene Menzel when she joined me on the show – to which she said “Impossible is not in my vocabulary Malcolm.”

When you think of WORLD PEACE perhaps the images that come to your mind are Politicians, World Leaders, Globalists Movements – YET here is a story on one mom musician from Melbourne, Australia who connected people from around the globe — thru that universal language of music – to break down our preconceived differences in race and religion as one people connected thru a common goal ….

a story that will touch your heart and give you hope!

Dene Menzel
Dene Menzel

Meet Dene Menzel, one of Australia’s leading music experts. Twenty year career in the music industry as a Musician, Vocal Coach, Choir Director, and Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller, “The Voice Factor”.

Through a global casting call, Dene connected people from the Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Israel, South Africa and Uzbekistan who all wanted to get involved with this project. “It was so amazing to bring together people that were continents apart into one united voice.”
Lyrics to Dene Menzel’s “Waltzing Matilda”

“Music is a great way to bring people together regardless of their background. I thought that if I could get strangers from all over the world to sing with each other, that would prove that we’re not so different after all, and we can create something beautiful together.”

Waltzing Matilda is available for download on iTunes with proceeds going to human rights charity, UNICEF Australia.

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