With the opening of an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump ordered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, America is once again witnessing a political hissy fit by the Socialist Democrats because they cannot accept the fact that their 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt and dishonest politician in American history to ever run for the highest office in the land, lost the election to Donald Trump.

But what I believe we have been witnessing as a nation far exceeds simple political differences. What we have been witnessing has been nothing short of an attempted and ongoing coup d’état against a president

A president duly elected by the American people to bring an end to the corruption that has been taking place in Washington by career politicians. Career politicians who have been lining their own pockets, and the pockets of their children now for decades.

Was it inappropriate for President Trump to ask another foreign leader to look into corruption that occurred under the previous Obama administration? An Obama administration mind you that has been attempting to undermine and impede from day one the success of the Trump administration that followed them.

Let’s take a look at what has been going on since before President Trump even took office, and compare that to what has been the standard practices after leaving office of every previous president throughout modern history.

Former President George W. Bush found himself under a withering attack by his successor Barack Obama throughout Obama’s eight years in office. Obama blamed every failure of his own on his predecessor. To hear Obama and his supporters tell it, President George W. Bush was responsible for everything from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake to Mrs. O’Leary’s cow starting the great Chicago fire, and according to Obama, President Bush likely killed Cock Robin too.

To his credit former President Bush displayed the class and integrity that his immediate successor clearly lacked, and chose not to publicly disagree or defend himself against what were clearly unfair and dishonest attacks and distortions of his record.

Now let’s consider the Obama Administration which after leaving office has given us ANTIFA rioting in the streets, Police Officers being murdered almost daily, and most of those murders committed by perpetrators who if Obama had a son he would look like the killers, and OFA (Organizing For America), and Lord knows what they have been up to!

Not to mention the very credible reports that Barack Obama and his former Secretary of State John Kerry both have been aiding the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iran’s efforts to resist the Trump Administration’s efforts to reign in their support of terrorism directed against the West and the United States.

Yet the Socialist Democrats have been silent about all of this. Focusing their energies on a false Russia collusion narrative, and now this supposed misconduct by the president which is the subject of a dubious second-hand ‘whistleblower’ complaint.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, certainly an unsavory character if one looks into his actions in recent history, appears to have benefitted financially from his father’s position in the Obama Administration. Would Hunter Biden have secured the same financial benefit from foreign countries on his own merit? Highly unlikely. It’s obvious he cashed in on daddy’s name and position.

Also take a look at Chelsea Clinton. How many graduates from college step into a job at one of the main broadcast networks that pays them over six hundred thousand dollars a year starting out? I’m pretty sure the fact that Chelsea was the daughter of a former president who was still a political power within the Socialist Democrat Party, and her mother who was expected to make her own presidential bid had much more to do with Chelsea’s job offer than her own skills and talents. Another case of cashing in.

And what about the sexual harassment slush fund paid for out of taxpayer dollars that members of congress used in order to settle (shut up) sexual harassment claims levied against sitting members of Congress? Where is the transparency on this? Perhaps Speaker Pelosi could express as much concern for this misconduct as she does for President Trump’s efforts to uncover corruption at the highest levels of the Obama Administration.

I mention just a few examples of what President Trump was elected to deal with, to “drain the swamp” on behalf of the sixty-some million people who voted for him in November of 2016.

He was elected to clean house in Washington. Not because he was a sterling example of virtue. And we don’t really give a damn if he follows the book! We just want results. 

Results which he has been providing in spite of the career politicians and political elites from both parties who have been fighting him tooth and nail. They don’t want to see an end to the gravy train they’ve been enjoying for far too many decades.

The tactics being used against this president have gone way beyond just politics. What has been taking place is nothing short of an ongoing coup d’état. An effort by the political elites in this country of both parties to overthrow and remove the duly elected President of the People.