Let’s see if we got this thing right. The Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC, colluded with the FBI, DoJ and the CIA to stop Donald Trump’s candidacy. They turned to tapping his telephone communications in Trump Tower, placing spies on his staff, planting, through ruse and skullduggery, third country origin information on a political novice Trump staffer, designed to produce actionable intelligence to initiate a counterintelligence Investigation⏤the purpose of which was to rob Americans of their duly elected President.

The process was fraudulent from the onset and proceeded on the basis that the FBI were good guys who followed the law, and didn’t drink, cheat or steal. Boy, were we fooled!

The scheme failed as we know and having beat the Democrats at their own game for over two plus years, Democrats, in their uncontrolled fury are pursuing new tactics.

Democrats are now criticizing the President’s telephone calls to foreign potentates as schemes they view as dangerous to American policy. How do they get to listen in on the President’s phone calls?

It’s a two fold attempt to discredit Trump while giving cover for the increasingly guilty but filthy rich politician, the simpleminded Joe Biden who convicted himself and his son, with his own words for doing the actual thing. We even learn now that Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan, went secretly to the Ukraine using a false passport to arrange the story that would set in motion a serious counterintelligence inquiry that at last, would bring down the hated Donald Trump. 

Now, how about that? The plot thickens. How do they keep their lies straight? They can’t!

This latest blow up has been laid at the feet of an alleged whistleblower who provided third hand, hearsay information because he/she was ‘seriously concerned.’ Now it appears the Democrats may have concocted this foolishness using a CIA plant, assigned to the White House staff as a spy for the bureaucratic Deep State in mortal danger of being exposed for the treasonous criminals they are. Even the whistleblower rules were changed to permit hearsay complaints. This was only one month before Trump’s telephone call to the Ukrainian president. A coincidence? I don’t think so. In the CI, counter intelligence field we knew that a first event could be an accident. A second such event a coincidence, but a third incident, well, that’s enemy action. That’s where we are right now.

I recently wrote an essay applauding the idea of Trump’s impeachment because once in the Senate for trial, it would be beyond the hands of the political grifters, scalawags, and deep state operatives to meddle. Their message will have been made and in his defense, the President’s team will be able to reveal all the false evidence, the lies, the hidden stories, the videos, the memorandums, the tweets and all the complete crap that makes up the Democrat charges. It is why the Democrats won’t vote in the House to proceed with impeachment until 2020 so they can continue their perfidies, slanders, innuendos and the venality that goes with being a politician. 

The Democrat Party apparently has Balkanized itself into internal warring factions, the new order and the old, held together only by their common hatred of Donald Trump and the necessity of getting rid of him so they can continue their yet incomplete mission of dragging America into the New World Order.

Imagine, Hillary Clinton, still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, having the tumidity to chime in and call Trump an “illegitimate president, a danger to the country and the Democratic process.“ This woman is a crazy scold, shameless, irresponsible and a danger to the whole country so long as she can still stand upright. Definitely a candidate for “red flagging.“ 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!