Precedents are set by the actions of today based on new understandings, enlightenment, and growth. Following precedents was a way for those of today to make sense of history and guide the future. Sometimes precedents can be changed based on the totality of the enlightenment and new understandings and the realization of the wrongs of yesteryear that may have masqueraded as righteous and good. If that happens, setting new precedents and paradigms is not only a good idea but the only idea.    

If former President Trump, who has left office, incited violence and revolution and we impeach him retroactively, then we must go all the way back in time and follow-through for all those who called for violence, insurrection, and revolution. In this new way of thinking, this enlightenment demands it.   

No, I don’t mean just Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden⏤those are obvious individuals who, based on these new paradigms and understandings, are deserving of impeachment for their calls for violence. In fact, based on the obvious quality of their characters, I would imagine they will volunteer themselves for impeachment based on the new standards and definitions for inciting violence and speech codes they have created. 

But what about the real rabble-rousers, the truly dangerous people who many believe were not only righteous but are worthy of never-ending praise and celebration for their calls for violence and an overthrow of the government: George Washington, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson and all the founding fathers who not only called for revolution and insurrection and violence against the government but who actually followed through on their dangerous demands for violence and started a war in which thousands of innocents were killed.

Under the current precedents and new norms being set in Washington DC at this present time, we have no other choice but to impeach these former government officials, past presidents, and historical figures.

No matter they are dead and out of office, they clearly incited violence that led to so many innocent people’s deaths. We were all taught this in school when they use to teach history. It is well documented in many history books. Impeach the guilty!

Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the evil these people perpetrated and the danger they represented with their calls for freedom and liberty so many years ago. Thank goodness our current Congress is clearing up the matter and defining the understanding and elements of inciting violence and calling for insurrection. Now the picture is crystal clear, and their guilt obvious.

I suppose it’s over the top to dig these historical figures up and ridicule them for their actions in a public setting and conduct the impeachment hearings. I suppose there is some modicum of sanity left so that we can simply try them in effigy in the nation’s capital.

Well, some would say we can’t impeach Washington, Jefferson, and Henry because we can’t do an investigation or call witnesses, and the defendants can’t mount a defense; it wouldn’t be fair. But here’s the beauty of the new paradigm for impeachment, the new precedent- we simply read the history books, look around the country, and since we don’t see a King or Duke anywhere in charge, we don’t need an investigation, witnesses, or evidence, we can make pompous, self-serving statements to the media who will repeat the “obvious guilt” of the defendants, and we can vote to impeach them. 

The Cancel Culture then comes in and removes them from the history books, scratches their names off of every place that bears their traitorous and vile names; then we can smash every statute of them.

And finally, we can all, as one unified people, goose step on down and get our hands on that horrendous document that allowed all of this evil, that Constitution, and we can, using Ms. Pelosi’s previously demonstrated action⏤rip it up and shred it to pieces.       

How glorious, what a blow for freedom, what a statement of liberty. Impeach the guilty!

But why stop there? Without the burden and restrictions of “that- you know the thing” we ripped up, we can take freedom and liberty to new heights. We can ensure fairness and equity. We can prevent hurtful words by not only banning them but imprisoning people who use the verboten words, and for those who don’t say them out loud but think them, we can help them gain a better understanding of what’s right. We can help them get their heads right in higher learning institutions where they can be re-educated and become good comrades.

When you think of it, this new paradigm for impeachment and tossing out of precedent and tradition can be used everywhere, think of all the things we could change in an instant, we could get rid of that flag that stands for hatred, no not the rebel battle flag, the other flag of hatred, that red, white, and blue creation of that privileged hater Betsy Ross. Then we can ban and make illegal once and for all the notes of music to the National Anthem atrocity; it can be a very liberating time.

Once we have established this new way of defining freedom⏤we can create entire dictionaries of illegal words, we can conduct thought tests to make sure every bad thought has been purged from the collective conscious. We can enforce this new liberty with public demonstrations and trials of anyone who slips backward and away from true justice and liberty. We can finally be proud of our great leaders and the government that will protect us from evil thoughts, attitudes, and inequity.

Time to set the record straight and impeach the guilty!