Administration after administration has failed to address the growing surge and crisis of illegal immigration. It is an age-old problem that politicians from the left and the right side of the ideological aisle seem unwilling to solve. What can you say about immigration, both legal and illegal, that hasn’t been said? Donald Trump ran on this catastrophe back in the 2016 presidential race and the message resonated with Americans.

President Biden has signed a number of Executive Orders that will reverse the successful immigration trends of the Trump Administration. As caravans storm the Southern border once again, Americans are left to wonder why⏤what are the real motives behind the Biden Administration? In a recent Breitbart article, it said, “President Joe Biden is looking to surge the number of legal immigrants who become naturalized American citizens, & thus are eligible to vote, ahead of the 2022 midterms and 2024 presidential election.” Is this what the Democrats’ plan for immigration is all about, increasing the number of Democrat voters? 

Daniel Baranowski has been studying the illegal immigration problem and joins me on the program. Daniel is a retired Healthcare Management & Policy Instructor at the Harvard University School of Public Health.

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