We live in a “Transfer Society!” Government has taken it upon itself to transfer our earnings to  groups who do not earn or contribute, like Dreamers. Government shames us by telling us it’s only our “fair share.” It’s actually theft under the guise of a social contract that we haven’t seen, haven’t agreed to, would not volunteer to participate in and are afraid to protest about it lest we be hauled off to the hoosegow for non compliance. Sort’a like the “voluntary” income tax contribution scheme that we support because we voluntarily love our state.

Some in Congress, including Republicans, want to transfer hoards of human bodies (illegal stateless people) onto our welfare, healthcare, prison and education rolls, on the flimsy  pretext’s of…”It’s for the Children.” That’s the danger of the Transfer Society: “It’s for the children.” Transfers recipients quickly lose any enthusiasm for independence and self-reliance as they become more dependent on government transfers (that’s our money to them), and any work ethic they brought with them atrophies under the largess of living at our expense. 

I have two feral cats who, as we kittens came around one day, nearly starved, begging for help. We gave it to them. That was twelve years ago. Today, every morning and every evening they’re at the door waiting to be fed. Sometimes even their friends show up. I didn’t offer these two cats a ‘contract’, it was simply in my good nature to feed ‘em. But, I had ‘em fixed!

The government has never offered me a social contract, detailing who, what, when, where, why and how, the money they transferred from me to them, was to be dispensed. I haven’t agreed to one but I have been contemptuously reminded, notwithstanding the absence of any social contract, that if I should fail to comply with their edicts, I could find myself headed for jail. Well, I could be like those feral cats I suppose, just sitting in my cell waiting to be fed every day.

We’ve gotten used to the transfer society when we should be outraged. It has rendered the public not only poorer but pissed off. Our representatives are next to useless and the slow process of trying to get rid of them every two years, not always successfully, creates a politicization that hovers just below the need to go straight to gunfire solution. 

We, as individuals, often take part in voluntary community activities but, because of the TEA parties, we saw the dangers and elected to jump into political campaigns, some of them downright belligerent, in an attempt to make a difference. With Trump, we made a difference.  

Most don’t know why the need to get involved, except they knew something wasn’t right and hasn’t been for awhile. As more foreign faces show up in our communities, demanding services (re-distribution transfers of our taxes), putting pressure on our tax bases, while bringing with them strange social and/or religious customs demanding respect, we instinctively understand that things still aren’t right. How many more elections must we have before the “term limits’ idea is properly applied? In these artificial and poisonous atmospheres of government imposed “social contracts,” at what point will the threshold of intolerance be met? Or, will our already cowed citizens, like the British, roll over like a sinking ship and disappear under the waves of illegal invasions?

Remember Bill O’Reilly? He still want’s to give “Dreamers” a chance. He has a plan, but with some rules. DACA types (no longer children anymore), must register, state if they have legal problems, get vetted by DHS, do two years of military service, or some other fanciful work scheme, and maybe they’ll be admitted. Oh ‘Really, O’Reilly? Bill want’s to have greater border enforcement too. The problem is, they’re still stateless people, with no claim on my earnings and if they want to be here, they gotta get to the end of the line and do it right. No shortcuts.  

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em