“I’m dying, and they have no cure for me” Toni Toney Rediscovers Life 1

Toni Toney was living life in the fast lane. A busy executive, focused on all the elements of a quality life – or at least she thought that was the goal. Until she found herself in the hospital in an isolation room near death. A declining white blood count – even with the strongest antibiotic drips, it became obvious that traditional medicine was failing her. She became very ill, very quickly. The physicians studying her case determined that she had an unidentifiable viral/bacterial infection that was threatening her life. What happens next will simply blow your mind…

Do we have it all wrong? Is our enemy within ourselves instead of outside of us? I have an incredibly powerful show today that will change your life.

Louis Pasteur developed the ‘germ theory’ of disease which hypothesized that germs attack us from the outside and make us sick but Antoine Bechamp his contemporary, said that most “disease is born of us and in us” and developed what is called the internal terrain theory. 

He discovered tiny organisms he called microzyma that would morph from a healthy form into an unhealthy form depending on the internal terrain of the cell. Bechamp explained:

“These microzyma are present in the tissues and blood of all living organisms where they remain normally quiescent and harmless. When the welfare of the human body is threatened by the presence of potentially harmful material, a transmutation takes place. The microzyma changes into a bacterium or virus, which immediately goes to work to rid the body of this harmful material. When the bacteria or viruses have completed their task of consuming the harmful material they automatically revert to the microzyma stage.”  – from the book, “The Ecotarian Diet”.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Toni Toney
Toni Toney

Even though Toni Toney holds a master’s degree in nutritional science, she most often describes herself as an Internal Environmentalist, one who studies the internal environment and how to create sustainability from the inside out. As a certified herbalist and nutritional clinician she has been teaching and speaking to large audiences around the world on topics ranging from nutrition, organic food, the environment, and how all it all interconnects for over 33 years.

Hardcover-Book-MockUp1-e1426100986356Now, the author of The Ecotarian Diet ~ A sustainable way of eating for your body and your planetToni has a line of both food and supplement products under the Ecotarian brand that will be forthcoming in all of the health food stores. She has also founded the Ecotarian University – which teaches an online certification course studying the purpose and power of food and how it holds the potential to turn almost every “internal environmental crisis” around! Through it all, she stays true to her mission to improve the health of everyone, not only change the course of the individual’s life, but the course of the planet too.

“If the problem is within ourselves and is not coming from the outside then that is not near as profitable.” Beverly Butler

Toni brings to the forefront a line of thinking that’s backed by research that I’m sure you’ve never heard of before. So open your mind and get ready to ‘think outside the hospital room’!

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