No, I haven’t fallen off the turnip wagon but I did give up on the Republicans because they continually demonstrate they are part of the problem and have little or no interest in the solution. Of course I’ll vote for new Republican candidates, but rarely an incumbent. Incumbents make promises to get themselves re-elected then immediately forget ‘em. Seeking love and gratitude, they set about to support the elite leadership in the party that have cause the corruption in our government in order to enjoy the ‘perks’ of chairmanship’s, while lobbyists funds are funneled into their next campaign chest and, a guaranteed career helping to loot the public treasury.

Along came Trump to screw up the whole thing. Just as it was being accepted that America was about to tumble into the dark abyss of Socialism upon Hillary Clinton’s assured election as President⏤Donald Trump, a no nonsense, non politician businessman, defeated the odious agents of woe, threw sand in their gears and their machine is coming apart.

Trump brought clever business skills and shrewd acumen to the political fight unknown to most politicians. He’s Rhino skinned. He knows how to negotiate from positions of strength. He knew Obama’s taxation and regulations were strangling a once productive America and he knows how people can prosper, if they want to, by taking advantage of his reduction of the regulatory state and its onerous taxes.

Trump deemed it absolutely necessary to protect America’s borders from the invasion of third world illegal immigrants so that a prima facia Socialist welfare state does not become a de facto Socialist welfare state. In affect, Donald Trump is God sent and has rallied common sense Americans to support his vision of Making America Great Again.

In President Trump’s first two years, while the Deep State Democrats and Never Trumpers were reeling in confusion, shocked and bewildered by what just happened to them, Trump immediately set about dismantling Obama’s Regulatory State. Initial opposition came from House and Senate Republicans who hate Trump because he’s not one of them. Trump rolled over them. In the intervening two years, the Democrats, recovering a bit from the shock of their defeat organized challengers to fill those those districts vacated by scared Never Trump Republicans who quit their seats in fear of losing by election to something that would have never happened in any event. The Democrats took control of the House.

Time between elections is short and if a party has a platform of policies good for America, they should push those policies to gain even more seats in both the House and Senate if they want to obtain total control. But, that’s not to be. The Democrats are in it for revenge and revenge is a bitter pill. 

Single party control, even a unity party one, if it casts off the Constitutional guidelines that are its guide, the power generated inevitably tends to despotism and despotism to a dictatorship. Dictators, in turn, inherently must embrace totalitarian methods to maintain its power and control.

For Democrats to lose that power, in the blink of an eye to an unpolished but highly successful, ultra rich businessman and entertainer with no skin in their game, is unforgivable and it must be snatched back by fair means or foul. Democrats have tried fair means, elections, and have been rebuffed too often to take any more chances losing the next one. 

In their smoldering rage, their plan for redemption so far has been to attack Trump personally, his character and his family. Concomitant with that was to scream outrageous claims that Trump must have stolen the election from Hillary because the fix was in, all polls said so. Then, they claimed Trump colluded with the Russians because the DNC’s email server was hacked by those pesky Ruskies and given to Wikileaks for maximum possible damage to poor Hillary. Never mind that the DNC’s emails were as available to anyone, as a loaf of bread on a store shelf, because John Podesta couldn’t remember a password.   

We now arrive at the meat of the arguments that have pestered Trump and his organization since his famous ride down the Trump Tower escalator. That ride scared the hell out of ‘em because, inconceivable as it seemed, there was always the slight chance that Trump could win the GOP primary and that simply wouldn’t do, would it? They needed a Jeb Bush or other Republican weakling whose loss would soon be forgotten. But, they needed insurance.

What transpired and is now coming to light is the mind-blowing realization of the profound depth of corruption, by un-elected bureaucrats, to insure Donald Trump couldn’t be President or, if he did, snatch it away from him using the odious apparatus of the Left’s propaganda machine, the agreeable media. First, make charges, make evidence, leak reports, stir up the press, make more accusations, call for investigations and then, pad the investigative team with anti-Trump acolytes of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid. It’s insurance enough. How can they lose?

Well, they lost in the proven manner of all criminal organizations, they can’t keep their damn mouths shut and with the eyes of all interested party’s outside the problem, focused on the methods and outcomes, the truth will eventually come out. In doing so, the perpetrators will weave the their own net that will trap them with their lies. “Oh what tangled webs we weave, when at first we practice to deceive.” It’s working even now.

As the tawdry story unfolds, we can hardly believe that our FBI, highlighted on multiple TV shows even from the Black and White TV day’s catching Nazi’s and of which we have been so proud, has been so corrupted from the top down as to believe it’s in their own interest to take an active, conspiratorial role to discredit a duly elected candidate before the national elections, and strive to destroy him after he won, using manufactured evidence that can’t pass the smell test. That was a treasonous attempt at a coup d’etat against the President of the United States.

The conspirators all members of the deep state, mostly appointed, who lurk in the bureaucratic ranks of political power. They will turn into self-serving rats to save their own hides. Time to set the suicide watch. As I explain further in part two, an impeachment trial will reveal the truth.

It will be like a stake driven into the heart of a Democrat Vampire – Impeach Trump pt 2