Police Officer and Film Maker PATRICK SHAVER, a Georgia Police Officer who has created the documentary film “OFFICER INVOLVED” has spent the last year travelling across the United States with his Co-Producer wife and toddler in a travel trailer touching the lives of law enforcement officers and their spouses with his powerful film.

Officer Shaver took an unpaid leave with the support of his agency and has shown the film to thousands of people. Hear his powerful interview with show Host Lt Randy Sutton.

In his weekly “View From The Blue” Lt Sutton salutes the Sacramento Sheriffs Department for their kindness to a terminally ill Mom and her 5 year old child and then attacks Baltimore States Attorney Marilyn Moseby and Orlando States Attorney Aramia Ayala for their anti law enforcement ideology. Don’t miss it.

“An Illumination of the Humanity of Law Enforcement Officers”
Daniel P. Finney, Des Moines Register

For Further Insight:
The Website: http://www.officerinvolvedproject.com
Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficerInvolved


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