Why do some illegals support the idea of building a wall on the southern border? It is Economics 101: supply and demand of cheap labor. As more and more illegals stand in line in front of 7-11’s and street corners hoping an employer will stop by and hire for a day labor job, the hourly wage employers are willing to pay decreases because the supply of cheap labor is overflowing! 

Even the illegals wish there was a wall blocking the flow! Sanctuary cities are not a solution either because that concept trashes law and order. The children of illegals get swept up in gangs because they are threatened that if they don’t join and obey the gang’s demands, their parents will be exposed to the authorities. Fredy Burgos has great insight into the benefits of being a legal immigrant and knows the sad reality of the true cost of illegal immigration that few compassionate people think about as they demand the free flow of illegal immigrants across the border.

At two months old, Fredy Burgos legally immigrated to the United States with his parents from South America. He proceeded to grow up in Northern Virginia and experience the American dream with many friends from diverse backgrounds who immigrated to the states …LEGALLY. What they all had in common was patriotism for America; a common language—English—though many were bilingual; and an appreciation for American culture. Politically active, Fredy speaks frequently about solutions to illegal immigration; what to do with the millions of illegal immigrants;  and why sanctuary cities must be stopped. Speaking from the perspective of a legal immigrant and a self-employed business owner who has to compete against the illegal workforce, Freddy brings a compassionate, business-like approach to the discussion about illegal immigration.

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