Both chambers of congress are occupied by Republicans and Democrats. Given that Democrat politicians are made up of Socialists and Communists while also members of a big government Congressional Progressive Caucus, which is in no way in-line with the ideals of our U.S. Constitution. The sheer number of Democrats foretells how much peril at the loss of liberty Americans face. Add in several Republican law makers who have voted for Socialist programs and larger government in the past and the elixir of absolute control of Americans is closer than one might think. Congress is a window into the very soul of America reflecting the erosion of our republic.

Today’s nationally elected Democrat politicians are full blown anti-American candidates that operate on the failed ideology of Marxism and redistribution of one’s wealth to get votes; while they richly. Millions Americans have no problem voting for a politician that will grab someone else’s labor through their taxes; “out of sight out of mind” causing them no personal guilt. Such is the age old course of some politicians and their insatiable zeal for obtaining powerful positions of authority, however they may obtain it, and an ignorant electorate sups it up without a thought of the poison they just drank.

The House presently has 239 Republicans and 193 Democrats and the Senate has 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats. At some point after 2020 the next 10 year Census will be complete and when the 2022 elections are finished for the House, we could expect an increase in seats to be held by Marxist Democrats, by newly established congressional districts. Why? Because sometime after the 2010 Census America reached an estimated 22 million illegal aliens that just kept flooding in our nation through our unsecured southern border and that the U.S. Census will count them in our overall population. There is no doubt the highest population of illegals are likely located in New York, California, and Florida. As of January 1, 2017 California has a new state wide Sanctuary policy for illegals to protect them.

At present California holds 39 of its seats in Congress as Democrats, and only 14 seats as Republicans; New York holds 18 of its seats in Congress as Democrats, 9 seats as Republican. Florida holds 11 seats in Congress as Democrats, 16 seats as Republican. Florida, New York and California may very well add new congressional districts that most assuredly will cause an election of Democrats.

Texas remains too much of an unknown due to the proclamation by the Governor of no more sanctuary cities, which may have caused thousands of illegals to leave the state. Texan law enforcement can pick-up suspected illegal aliens and hand them over to ICE for deportation processing out of the nation.

Presently, the Republicans have a 46 congressional House seat majority over the Democrats. If for example California, New York and Florida gain more seats after the 2020 Census, new congressional districts, most likely, will be the result of illegal aliens causing those districts to be drawn. The net gain of Democrat seats would reduce the 46 Republican House seat majority; but by how much?

If the illegal alien numbers are correct at 22 million in the nation and given it has been 10 years since the last Census, the House could possibly flip to a Democrat majority due to an increase of congressional House districts in California, New York and Florida caused by illegals. This effectively perverts our republic and flips it to an unconstitutional system with Marxists controlling our nation from Washington D.C.

Looking back at California as an example from the last Census count, California has 53 House seats and at 700,000 persons per district. This count equals an astounding estimation of 37,100,000 people living in California during the last Census. California, also currently has 55 Presidential Electoral votes which is also based from population numbers. A high probability exists that illegals were counted in the last Census and made those congressional districts.

There is a northern California movement presently to break away from southern California — “The point of the movement is for 21 rural counties in northern California to break off and form their own state. Supporters feel that the makeup of representation in the state Legislature is too lopsided in favor of large population centers.” – California has the same problem that I have outlined here on disenfranchising American citizens nationally, but on an in-state scale by too much in-state representation of the southern portions of the state due to illegal aliens. In fact it mirrors the problem that all of America will eventually face if the illegal alien population continues to cause our own congress at the federal level to continue eroding by illegal representation. The 2020 Census will only increase the likelihood of more congressional House districts and more Electoral votes added illegally to California, Texas and Florida for certain.

Using the Electoral College vote chart below, it shows the results of the 2016 election where Donald Trump won as our next President, but he did not win California or New York. The “writing is on the wall” of what may come in a few short years if nothing is done to clear up the flawed Census counting; absolute misrepresentation of the majority of the United States by 2 to 3 states tipping the balance illegally and unconstitutionally.

America certainly has a Constitutional crisis as of today, where illegal aliens no doubt are represented by extra congressional House districts, leaving little doubt that only Democrats fill those seats in congress from mostly California, New York and Florida. Extra congressional House seats in at least 2 to 3 states that damage our republic for fair representation to the rest of the nation, disenfranchising millions of U.S. Citizens. Illegal aliens have children and they are counted also and the combined cost today for taxpayers is 116 Billion per year to take care of them. The illegal aliens, including their children born from them are not citizens either according to the 39th Congress and if the Census does not stop counting illegal aliens, eventually the Democrats will take over Congress. And the East and West coasts of the U.S. will primarily control the interior states from the federal level; like mob rule. Eventually the Presidency will fall while America plunges into 3rd world rule with probable secession of most of the states.

If nothing is done by 2022 the House could flip entirely to a Democrat majority and by 2024 a Democrat President may once again occupy the White House. As for the Senate, population does not drive the number of Senators; each state is only allowed 2 Senators in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. However, the Senate, when Republican controlled again did the bidding of Barack Obama when he was President.

Recently the voter fraud commission was disbanded by President Trump and the commission was plagued by states that would not cooperate with the commission by supplying voter data so that they could ascertain if there had been election fraud from the 2016 Presidential election; they did, however, find some fraud.

The next Census that is approaching in 2020 must be fashioned in such a way as to obtain accurate U.S. Citizen Data without relying on states to supply the information. For example, the Social Security Administration can check Social Security numbers while looking for duplicate accounts; then account holders must prove their citizenship when duplications are found and used by more than one person.

President Trump who is head of the Executive Branch and Congress must ensure that the Census Bureau and other agencies rely on accurate internal procedures and information to ascertain population numbers of those people who are actually U.S. Citizens in the states. Census collection efforts must be done internally from the federal level and without hiring people within those states to collect the information, due to a high probability they will offer up fraudulent population numbers.

Our nation is on the brink of the kind of transformation past president Barack Obama spoke of, a nation that will eventually collapse internally; mirroring 3rd world nations and leading to an outcome that most certainly, eventually, cause a mass state secession from the union or a bloody conflict against those few states that would rule all of America from congress and the presidency as Marxist tyrants. A free republic will be finished and in violent turmoil if nothing is done to stop this march to tyranny in many regards, and the Marxists would finally be victorious in their long pursuit of centralized iron fisted control of the United States.