With her most recent anti-Semitic comments, Freshman Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has lifted the veil and once again revealed her true character, including her rabidly anti-Israeli feelings. And personally I also believe that she has also shown herself to be someone of questionable loyalty to the United States. One can disagree with the policies of our government, it’s the American thing to do. But Ms. Omar also appears to harbor feelings of strong resentment against the United States, as evidenced by her recent antagonistic questioning of Elliott Abrams on a subject she is clueless about.

My opinion has nothing to do with her Muslim faith, but with her words and deeds. So all of her defenders out there can shove any claims of “Islamophobia” in their ear. I have many close Muslim friends who I would take a bullet for, as I know they would for me. Just as there are a lot of Muslims out there who would gladly lop my head off. Stating facts isn’t Islamophobia. This isn’t about religious preferences, it’s about patriotism and protecting the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Omar’s comments and her actions raise the question about her suitability to be a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. A committee in Congress that would provide her with access to highly sensitive and classified national security information, as well as potentially identifying the sources and methods for obtaining that information.

Personally I doubt that she can be trusted with anything of consequence regarding national security, much less some of our nation’s most closely held secrets. All one has to do is just take a look at her history and the things that she has said, and whom she has allied herself with since she has risen to national prominence as part of the new Democrat-Socialist Party.

It’s been reported and as yet unresolved one way or the other, that in order to help him skirt American immigration laws she once married her own brother. Aside from the creepiness factor, if true then it displays a total disregard and disrespect on her part for American immigration laws and our national sovereignty.

Her barely concealed anti-Israeli views are a matter of record. Israel happens to be one of our longest and strongest allies, particularly in the often-times troubled area of the Middle East. We rightly should condemn her comments against the Jewish State.

Israel is a close strategic ally, often times providing the United States defense and intelligence agencies with important information. Israel has been a strategic partner in the War on Terrorism and has contributed greatly to our success in defeating terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS, as well as the Iranian backed and controlled Hezbollah and Hamas.

Having Congresswoman Omar on such a sensitive House committee concerns me greatly. Considering that she has also associated herself with Linda Sarsour, also rabidly anti-Semitic, one could certainly understand how our close ally Israel might be hesitant to share highly sensitive information, and be concerned that their sources and methods might be compromised by her openly hostile feelings towards them.

As a former intelligence professional I can assure you that for us the protection of classified information is of the utmost importance. And any compromise can have a major effect on our national security. The impact of classified information being compromised can include the loss of life, it can be harmful to American foreign policy goals, and can result in huge financial costs for the U.S. to recover from the compromise.

Her words and deeds are reason enough for me to call into question her suitability to be a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. If only the Democrat-Socialists had the moral character to do what’s right and reassign her to a committee where she won’t have access to anything of a sensitive defense or intelligence nature.

But then again the Democrats have never shown a propensity for moral character in the past, so I doubt we’ll see it this time. To the contrary, we’ll likely see them circling the wagons and defending Ms. Omar, and in fact probably end up adopting her positions.

It’s who the Democrat Party truly is. Image: REX