It’s one of those questions we’ve heard a million times, isn’t it?

We’ll be on a lunch break at work, maybe out with pals or at a family gathering.

“Would you keep working if you won the lotto?”

The stock answer is often: “Hell no! I’d be on a beach somewhere!”

Once upon a time, that would have been my answer too.

Actually, I would probably have chosen a mountain, or ancient temple, over sea and sand, but I would have done anything to escape my 9-5.

I hated my job. Not the people. Not even the work. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with where I was. I just wasn’t happy.

I hated what my life had become.

I hated opening my eyes each day.

Looking back, it had very little to do with my job per se and everything to do with where I was at emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It took abuse, bereavement, family illness, my financial security being ripped away and a breakdown for me to create the change that was so desperately needed.

And that’s the mistake so many of us – too many of us – are making in life.

We wait for the breaking point.

We wait for life to punch us in the feels, to pull the rug from beneath our feet, before we choose to create the changes we need.

We wait for everything to start crumbling around our ears before we decide to find our happiness, to get back in touch with ourselves, to step into our power and carve out a future we’d genuinely enjoy.

It’s as though we need to feel backed into a corner. That sense of helplessness – or a perceived lack of options – somehow gives us permission.

We wait for a pivotal moment as if we’re waiting for an important call – sitting in limbo, waiting for something to happen.

The trouble is, we never know we’ve experienced a pivotal moment until after the fact.

Isn’t it time to stop waiting? Don’t you deserve more?

If you’re unhappy, take control and choose to create something different instead of waiting for turmoil to tip you into action.

What needs to change?

Your job?

Your career?

Your relationship?

Your home?

What would make a positive difference?

What needs to change for you to stop craving that idyllic beach escape? Or, at least, for those vacations to be enough, without seeking a permanent trip away from the life you’re living?

What’s the future you’d really be able to embrace and how could you start to aim for that without relying on that perfect set of lucky numbers being drawn?

When that lottery question comes up nowadays, my answer is “Hell yes!”

I love my ‘work’ so much, I sometimes feel like I’m cheating.

I wish the same for you.

Until next time,