If You Can Keep Your Head When Everyone Around You Is Losing Theirs… You’re Probably Not Addicted To Drama!

One of the most powerful lifeskills I learned from medicine people was the ability to find clarity in the midst of drama.

It’s about being able to rise above the situation and see the entire playing field, rather than feeling ‘helpless’, blinkered and surrounded by Chinese whispers and agendas at ground level.

It’s also about knowing ourselves well enough, being in touch with our own truth enough, to not be hurt or rocked needlessly by the opinions of others.

I sometimes wish we taught these tools to our kids, so we might grow up with a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. There would, perhaps, be fewer people bullying or feeling bullied. There would, perhaps, be more understanding of the difference between seeking to be power-full and powerful (power to/power over). We might, perhaps, have less of a need to backbite, dramatise and knock the perceived successes of others and, maybe, we’d have a bit more balance, self-discipline and contentment.


These are some of the most basic practices I teach in some of my training programmes. Sometimes, the most ground-level elements are the things we lose touch with most easily. And they can sometimes have the biggest and best impact on our life.

Life doesn’t have to feel as tough as we sometimes seem determined to make it. We can very often let our day-to-day lives be far easier. We just get drawn into the drama mill and forget how to step back and find our truth and balance.

Next time you’re worrying about what might be going on behind the scenes, or what people may – or may not, be saying about you, or getting caught in a big old drama trap, try taking a step back.

Where’s the evidence to back up your feelings/paranoia/doubt?

Are things really as dire as you fear them to be? Is your assessment accurate?

Imagine you’re flying high above your situation and can see all the elements at play, without the fear, anxiety, gossip and negativity, and without allowing your drama mind to fill in the gaps.

Get some distance. Get some clarity. Take a few deep, clean breaths.

What’s *really* going on? What’s needed? Start there.

Until next time, #UnleashYourAwesome

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