Surely by now everyone has seen the new ‘advertisement’ released by the athletic shoe manufacturer Nike, which features the face of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Since Nike elected to go with this advertising campaign and since the NFL has decided not to terminate their agreement with Nike, it’s apparent that both Nike and the NFL support Kaepernick’s bogus claims of police oppression of black people in America. Which is the basis of his decision to show disrespect and kneel for the playing of the National Anthem before NFL football games.

I think it’s time we look at the reality of things with regards to this whole Colin Kaepernick situation. 

True sacrifice. What is it?

The picture at the top of this article is real sacrifice! As the truck careened down the alleyway towards Yale and Haerter they had but six second left to live. Six seconds left to “just do it”. To react as true heroes making the ultimate sacrifice. Not someone slinging a football.

What you are not hearing is that at best, Kaepernick was a mediocre athlete. His NFL career was on a downhill slide with little hope of him resurrecting it. In effect he basically produced really only one decent season of play during his NFL career of twenty-eight wins and thirty losses as a quarterback. More losses than wins under his leadership on the field. 

It’s likely that he could read the writing on the wall and suspected that considering the competition in the NFL he was destined to be cut from his team’s roster, with few opportunities to latch on with any other teams, even as a third string or practice squad quarterback. No team would want to carry his high salary since he simply wasn’t worth the money.

Considering his upbringing in a comfortable middle class environment it’s also likely that Colin Kaepernick never experienced the supposed ‘police oppression’ that he now claims to be common place within the black community. Another lie born out of the era of the Obama Administration along the same line as “hands up, don’t shoot”. Which we also know was a lie, a complete fabrication that never happened.

No one denies that there were times in our nation’s history that people of African descent were oppressed, discriminated against, and indeed even suffered atrocities carried out by racist police and other bigots. It’s a matter of history and a terrible shame for our country. And for the law enforcement profession in particular and one that law enforcement has worked diligently to overcome ever since.

What was once a rarity seeing a black police officer is now commonplace, with black officers making up a significant part of law enforcement, including supervisory and senior management positions. Not unlike the military which offered the opportunity for blacks to rise in rank based upon their ability, hard work, and character. Law enforcement also has provided similar opportunities for minorities to excel.

As in any profession throughout our society there is still work to be done, but the era of the bigoted, racist police officer oppressing black people and other minorities has long ago been cast aside. Modern police agencies have much higher standards nowadays for hiring and the retention of officers. The police ‘dinosaurs’ of the past have been and are being purged from the ranks. 

What Colin Kaepernick, Nike, and the NFL are promoting is just another false narrative.

Nike and the NFL would have done much better to have used the image of say Pat Tillman for this particular campaign, if they were interested in depicting someone who really sacrificed something.

We all know the story of Pat Tillman, the NFL player who gave up a million dollar salary to play pro football and joined the Army following the attacks of September 11, 2001, in order to serve his country and give back something to the nation that had given him so much. A role model for us all, and certainly someone Colin Kaepernick doesn’t even come close to measuring up to.

Or perhaps Corporal Johnathan Yale and Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter. Two Marines who stood their ground against a massive car bomber in Ramadi, Iraq, saving the lives of one hundred fifty people while losing theirs in the process. Truly the kind of people that have sacrificed something for this nation.

But instead Nike and the NFL elected to choose a washed up, has-been/never-was athlete with a huge chip on his shoulder. 

Someone who knows nothing of real sacrifice.

I never watched a single down of NFL play on television last season, and it’s a pretty good bet I won’t be watching any this season either. 

Nor will any Nike products be found in my closet. 

I simply won’t support the promotion of a lie when police officers are serving and dying on the streets of America every single day.