He killed her. Circuit Judge Nolan Dawkins released Ibrahim Bouaichi, who had been ordered to remain in prison until his trial for violently raping Karla Dominguez in her home last October. He was released from prison to protect him from getting Covid. Who protected Karla?

Seven inmates who were deemed high risk sex offenders were released early in April by a court commissioner in Orange County, California. Their crimes were many and each had a long history of sexual crimes as well as many other crimes. Jails were not overcrowded, so what was the reason to put the public at risk once again? Some of these criminals have already been re-arrested for new crimes against innocent and unsuspecting Americans, one within two weeks of release.

It gets much worse. In California, Gavin Newsom is releasing over 17,000 convicted criminals back into the public domain, over 11,000 this month of August. They have released over 300 inmates with active coronavirus already. They cannot make them stay quarantined, and they don’t.

This is what our elected officials are handing the public. 

How many Americans will be victimized by 17,600 inmates, criminals all, being released into their communities due to Covid? 

When the leftists talk about taking qualified immunity from police officers who are here to protect the public⏤it makes my blood boil.

‘In the United States, the doctrine of qualified immunity grants government officials performing discretionary functions immunity from civil suits unless the plaintiff shows that the official violated “clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known,’⏤Wikipedia.

Note that qualified immunity does not just apply to police officers, it applies to government officials.

Yet the mantra has been that police should not have qualified immunity any longer. Some jurisdictions have already started the process which will ultimately end in a court decision.

If that is the prevailing thought, then here is my addition to that thought. 

Judges should no longer have qualified immunity. More harm, by far, has been done by judges making stupid, uninformed, biased and dangerous decisions in releasing criminals from jails and prisons, and by not sentencing people who should be put away, than by police officers. The victims of these judges’ dangerous lenient decisions should be able to personally sue the judge.

They should also be able to sue the District Attorney who refused to file on violent criminals and politicians and any DA who releases all the protesters arrested for arson, vandalism,  assault, looting, and a multitude of crimes committed during these Marxist riots.

They should be able to sue politicians for failing to protect the public, their first and foremost responsibility. 

In the cases of the thousands of convicted criminals who are under-charged or released early, the police did their job. They risked their lives to apprehend offenders who harmed someone. It is the DA, the judge and the politicians who are responsible for the offenders re-offending in astounding and concerning numbers.

Police officers have split seconds to make decisions in the midst of rapidly evolving, tense and uncertain circumstances. Judges, politicians and DA’s have days, weeks and years to mull over the actions they take, and still they take the wrong action that endangers previous victims and potential new victims. 

And yet, the call from Antifa, BLM and progressive leftists, Marxist and socialist sympathizers all, is to defund the police and remove their qualified immunity.

Americans should see through this ruse as one that forwards their disruption of the rule of law and common sense and places Americans at odds with the strongest and most loyal of their protectors⏤police.

If you take qualified immunity from police and allow people to sue them, you will have no police. They will be impotent and unwilling to engage with criminals. If you take qualified immunity from them, you must take it from all of those government officials who have it also, as their actions have endangered people, including children, far beyond the actions of officers making split second decisions in the midst of harrowing ordeals.

I propose we do take it away from those releasing offenders, and those not prosecuting offenders.

Give families like Karla’s a way to get some justice for their daughter. Give those that are harmed by illegals a way to sue their Congressional Representatives for allowing illegals to have sanctuary and to enter our country with no penalties, and for interfering with ICE and hold them accountable for the crimes they commit.

There will be no end to the Pandora’s Box that will be opened, and attorneys’ will prosper wildly. But those self-serving politicians, judges and DA’s will be the ones who think twice before rendering decisions that harm Americans with respect to criminal leniency issues.

We as a nation will suffer dire consequences if police lose qualified immunity. If police have no qualified immunity, nor should any judge, DA, politician or any government official.

Police officers do an amazing and commendable job on all our behalf. The instances of a bad cop doing something purposely to violate someone’s civil rights or harm them unnecessarily are miniscule compared to the damage done by those officials voted into office by citizens who are ill-informed and have left wing and socialist agendas. We must vote wisely.

He murdered Karla. The cops put him in jail, the judge let him out. This has to stop.