The news media has lost its way. They have forgotten why they exist and replaced their reason to exist with a mantra for their personal and political ideations of social justice. They have forgotten that the news is not about them. They have forgotten to report the news rather than make the news, or they add their biases to their report, or slant their news. They have remembered to leave out details that don’t fit their social views, though they may be critical to truth.

They don’t apologize, they double down. Is it any wonder that Americans don’t trust them? Reporters used to report. They were tireless and dogged on their stories, but fair and informational. We don’t believe them now. They unabashedly add their bias and rhetoric to each story, manipulating the facts to manipulate our opinions and our votes. How do you explain 96% of all reporting is unfavorable to our President? Despite the economy and businesses and the stock market booming and despite the lowest unemployment in history across the races and genders.

We have never seen this blatant disrespect for a President of our United States. Jim Acosta is the perfect poster boy for disrespect, and entitlement, and lack of accountability.

The media bashes the President unceasingly. They accuse him of dishonesty, of cheating, of destroying America in every way possible. They make fun of him; they mock the First Lady and everyone in his cabinet. But when the media is pushed back at by the President and the White House, they cry like babies, they sue, and they call foul.

The shameful way that the President is treated by our media is just that; shameful. The interview done by Chris Wallace was nothing but “gotcha” questions and was wholly disrespectful. The way Jim Acosta speaks to the President is pretentious and only for his own self pomposity, not to inform the American Public.

I want to know why the President is lambasted for calling the media enemies of Americans, and “fake” news mongers, when that same media says things about the President of the United States of America that are lies, and detrimental to America, and biased, and sarcastic, and nasty, and we as Americans are not holding them accountable. Why do they get a pass? Does anyone see this as wholly one sided?

When Joy Behar slams Country Music Awards for not being political, she is out of touch with America. We don’t want media and Hollywood’s opinions. You all purport to have the pulse of America, but you are nowhere near our pulse. We want news; unadulterated, unbiased, factual news. We don’t care about your opinions. If I want opinion I’ll read the opinion columns.

Media sees themselves as not having to be accountable, yet they hold everyone else accountable. That’s not how this works. Let me remind journalists and America of the code of ethics published by the Society of Professional Journalists.

I don’t see where it says to disrespect the President, or to disrespect our Rule of Law, or to be snarky in your reporting. I do see where it says to be truthful. There are three words the media needs to remember, and they are truth and respect and accountability.

When they took sides in the Judge Kavanaugh witchunt and said the accusations were “probably” true, that is biased. When they give Hillary a pass and complain about Ivanka’s e-mails that is biased. When they only report one side of an issue, that is biased. When news that does not match their political ideations is not reported, that is extreme bias.

If an attorney or police officer withholds exculpatory evidence, that would be a crime, yet the media does it every hour of every day by choosing what not to report. They do not laud the economic boom in our country. They do not report accurately on the 51,000 immigrants invading America in a month. They do not report on the true make-up of the masses of migrants trying to cross our border, nor how Mexican people truly feel about them. They do not show day after day the devastation of families affect by the drugs and gang members pouring into our country, or the true statistics of their crimes on Americans, or the true cost to each of us. They extoll only democratic and socialist candidates, and ignore or excoriate Republicans.

We aren’t blind. America needs not accept the bad behavior in our media. If the 11% approval rating means nothing to them, stop buying their papers and watching their shows. Find news sources that speak the truth, like this one, America Out Loud, and others. Take the time to get past the rubbish fed to Americans every day, and the attempts to manipulate your thoughts by inaccurate and unethical reporters and journalists. Speak in outrage at those that misrepresent, lie by omission, or grandstand. Americans deserve the news. All of it. We don’t deserve to be fed fake news, incomplete news, or biased news. I hope that journalists can return to integrity in their profession for the sake of America.