Black Lives Matter, is a racist, intolerant, subversive and destructive movement that has absolutely nothing to do with Justice for blacks. Not a single member in the leadership nor a single supporter gives a damn about black lives or black security. BLM was created to distract attention from the real reasons why blacks in the USA are mostly on the bottom of the economic and achievements ladders.

BLM has only one perverted agenda; to allege, that White Americans, especially white police, are racist against black men.

BLM and their supporters – Democrats, leftists and Antifa and Islamists – “Cannot Handle the TRUTH” regarding why, more black men, than any other racial group, end up in the Criminal Justice System.

Let me share with you the following FACTS, that BLM and black male Americans, totally and with malice aforethought, ignore:

    1. Most black men sire children from different unwedded black women, thus completely destroying their future, because they have no father figure to guide, nourish and or protect them.
    2. Many unwed black women, end up having multiple partners who are not responsible for her children from a different man.
    3. Children growing up in such a dysfunctional environment, will themselves, invariably, end up dysfunctional members of society; both males and females.
    4. Black children raised by single mothers, almost certainly fail in educational achievements and end up with low self esteem.
    5. Psychologically, such children have an extremely poor expectancy in their lives, making them vulnerable to the drug and sex dealing predators.
    6. More black and white women are raped, murdered, assaulted and or violated by black men than by white men.
    7. Because a huge number of black males do not marry their partners, black female abortions are obscenely higher than any other group in the USA.
    8. Considering the statistics that 85% of all abortions are by unwedded females; If BLM really cares, then why are 70% of these abortions are by black women?
    9. By 2011, there were over 44 million abortions – since the 1973 Roe vs WadeSupreme Court ruling –  of which, 19 million black babies were aborted. African Americans are just under 13 percent of United States population. The statistics are staggeringly lopsided.
    10. These very same, finger pointing so called leaders of the BLM movement, are actually the primary GUILTY ones, regarding the conditions pertaining among blacks in the USA, because they (the MALES), have abandoned fatherhood and the sanctity of marriage, for the promiscuity of procreating children, from different unwed black women.
    11. Black males have absconded from being responsible human beings, to believing they are victims, when in fact, all of the above issues are self- inflicted.
    12. BLM uses exactly the same wide brush against police and white people as they claim racists use against black people. Their hypocrisy is only surpassed by their stupidity.
    13. It is estimated that 60,000,000 American citizens interact with police each year; yet not once, does the corrupt news media inform Americans of the millions of good deeds by the police. Only when evil or corrupt individual white police officers are caught, do the fake and criminally negligent media, purposefully inflame the narrative.

The video of George Floyd’s death, has shaken every American of every race, colour or belief. Not a single American has even attempted to justify it under any circumstances. What is demonstrably obscene, are the attempts by BLM, Democrats, Antifa, Leftists and Islamists, to elevate a convicted violent felon, to the stature of Martin Luther King Jr.

The officers involved in his killing are American citizens, who are entitled to due Process of Law; NOT a White Lynching.

In the days since his death, unrest in many states, left shattered and charred landscapes in several American cities. BLM, is not the only entity that has hijacked, what should have been peaceful protests, and turned them into infernos:

Let me share with you the following FACTS of others, complicit in these shocking events:

Democrat Mayors: The absolute majority of cities, that suffered destruction and lawlessness on a colossal scale, are run by Democrats. The very Democrats who claim, to be the champions of black Americans. The same, who have been enslaving blacks financially, intellectually and educationally, for the last 60 years, with repeatedly unfulfilled promises, just to get their votes. The same Democrats, who are now blaming President Trump of 4 years, for their 60 years of sickening and continuous failures.

Here is a list of some of the cities where protests have erupted; almost every city which suffered havoc recently, is run by mayors, police commissioners or even governors who are not only Democrats but also Black~

Los Angeles, Calif.                            Mayor Jacob Frey (D)
Minneapolis, Minn.                         Mayor Eric Garcetti (D)
New York, N.Y.                                Mayor Bill de Blasio (D)
Nashville, Tenn.                               Mayor John Cooper (D)
San Francisco, Calif.                        Mayor London Breed (D)
Detroit, Mich.                                  Mayor Mike Duggan (D)
Portland, Ore.                                  Mayor Ted Wheeler (D)
Memphis, Tenn.                               Mayor Jim Strickland (D)
Chicago, Ill.                                      Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot (D)
Atlanta, Ga.                                      Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D)
Washington, D.C.                            Mayor Muriel Bowser (D)
Philadelphia, Pa.                              Mayor Jim Kenney (D)
Madison, Wis.                                  Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway (D)
Denver, Colo.                                   Mayor Michael Hancock (D)
Santa Monica, Calif.                        Mayor Kevin McKeown (D)
Boston, Mass.                                   Mayor Marty Walsh (D)
Miami, Fla.                                       Mayor Francis Suarez (R)
San Diego, Calif.                               Mayor Kevin Faulconer (R)
Oklahoma City, Okla.                      Mayor David Holt (R)
Albuquerque, N.M.                          Mayor Tim Keller (D)
Sioux Falls, S.D.                               Mayor Paul TenHaken (R)
Fontana, Calif.                                  Mayor Acquanetta Warren (R)
Columbus, Ohio                               Mayor Andrew J. Ginther (D)
Houston, Texas                                Mayor Sylvester Turner (D)
Phoenix, Ariz.                                  Mayor Kate Gallego (D)
Louisville, Ky.                                  Mayor Greg Fischer (D)
Davenport, Iowa                              Mayor Mike Matson (D)
Jacksonville, Fla.                             Mayor Lenny Curry (R)
St. Louis, Mo.                                   Mayor Lyda Krewson (D)
Oakland, Calif.                                 Mayor Libby Schaaf (D)

The mostly Democrat mayors in these cities, allowed unimpeded, the destruction of thousands of businesses run by Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans who spent a lifetime to build themselves up and make a good living, to see all their dreams go up in smoke in minutes. These mayors – who grovelled to the mob -should not only be removed from office, but should also be taken to court, for cowardice and utter dereliction of their duties, to protect their citizens against terrorists internal or external.

Democrat political elites in Congress: They are even more guilty, than all the other groups listed herein, starting with the consummate hypocrite Nancy Pelosi, who has been in power for 33 years, but never advocated the removal of Confederate statues until now, as the spineless, duplicitous politician, that she has always been.

The brave Joe Biden, who has been surviving in his underground ‘bunker’ for safety, for the last three months, while sniping at President Trump, who has been exposing himself to extreme danger all the time.

Almost all Black Democrats in Congress and in government administrations, have totally failed black Americans, the instant they joined the ‘deep state’. They too became so corrupted, that their cities are in disrepair; their citizens, especially the blacks, are murdering each other in greater numbers than by all the white police forces in all the states, combined. Yet, when Trump points out these truths, they call him a racist.

For 60 years, both white and black politicians have been betraying black voters. For 60 years, the magma inside the volcano has been brewing, and sometimes venting itself by such horrendous self-destructive riots to let off steam.

Antifa: (short for “antifascist”), a loose collection of groups, networks and individuals who believe in active, aggressive opposition to far right-wing movements. In reality, they use exactly the same methods of intimidation and terror that the Nazis, Fascists and Communists. They are actually a Domestic Terrorist Group.

After all, the Nazis started with burning the books of people they disagreed with, and ended with burning millions of human beings.

Antifa and the Social Justice Warriors, have systematically destroyed and or toppled statues of American leaders that they disapprove of, and will eventually do the same, to legitimately elected officials and offices.

CAIR: Council on American Islamic Relations, is named as the unindicted co-conspirators in the case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. CAIR supports the Muslim Brotherhood and all Muslim advocacy groups.  While they drape themselves in the mantle of “civility” and “loyalty”, the CAIR brigade, speaks viciously and cavalierly about their perceived ‘enemies’, such as Jews, Evangelicals, Patriots and every single person or entity that reveals the truth about Islam and Muslims.

Their weapon of choice is to take them to court, accusing them of racism, xenophobia and or Islamophobia, when in fact, Islamic Sharia is the most Racist, Intolerant belief system as well as being  the Mortal and Eternal enemy of every human being who is NOT a Muslim; called Kuffar/ Infidels.

Sharia is after all, not only the nemesis of the American constitution, but it makes it impossible for any Muslim, to be both, a good Sharia compliant Muslim, as well as a loyal American citizen.

Urban Elites: For two generations (60 years), young American minds (whites, blacks and others), have been indoctrinated by the mostly Leftist, Secularist, Globalist teachers, professors and academicians, that the USA is the source of all evils in the world, starting from the instant the European invaders, under Christopher Columbus, landed on the continent.

They lament (while continue living on this continent), the destruction of most of the indigenous peoples, followed by slavery, etc.

These two very pampered, elitist and Ivory Towers Urban generations, have been deliberately misinformed, under educated, misled and incited by these un-American educators, to believe in Globalism, Open Borders, no God, no Patriotism and no Loyalty to the State or Constitution.

These rioting and nihilistic youth, both white and black, know as much about the actual history of the USA, the Fathers of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Slavery, the Civil War, its aftermath, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, the Viet Nam war or the Fall of Communism as a pig’s knowledge of the science of personal hygiene.

BLM, Democrats, Antifa, Leftists and Islamists have high jacked, what should have been peaceful protests, and turned them into mindless orgies of theft, aggression, destruction and infernos.  Not a single one of these entities has any intention to go for justice. They have actually desecrated Floyd’s memory and trashed it.

Muslim Jihadists are slaughtering black Africans every single day, but their lives do not matter, because it is only blacks slaughtering blacks.

Most blacks in the USA are murdered by other blacks (not whites); again, their lives do not matter, because once more, it is blacks eliminating blacks. These events do not mesh with the liberal, Democrat, leftist agenda, whereby onlywhites are racist.

These riots have caused enormous pain, destruction, disruption and dislocation among blacks and minorities, the very entities, that the criminal rioters claim, they are defending,

The question that is revolving in my mind is the following: Will enough Americans, Black, White, Hispanic, Asians and others, watching the horrendous devastations, the mindless violence and the unbelievable looting, wake up to the crystal clear reality, that the worst enemies of black people are NOT white people, but the Democrat party, their stooges and the Fake Media?

America is only five months away from electing its president. Will Americans trust a Democrat, such as the senile Joe Biden, or will they go for Trump, who has done more for blacks in less than four years, than all the Democrats in 60 years?

From where I am across the pond, having studied and addressed all the above issues as dispassionately as humanly possible, am of a single opinion:

If Americans elect any Democrat, it will be the end of the American Republic.

May it “Rest In Peace”.

Image: Livingston via Flickr