Following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln⏤they had a pretty effective way of dealing with the American citizens who participated in Lincoln’s murder and the attacks on other members of his cabinet. The authorities strung ’em up.

The conspirators involved in Lincoln’s death had hoped that the assassination of the sixteenth president would result in bringing down the  government and hopefully allow the Confederacy to survive. They were wrong and they paid with their lives for their treasonous acts.

In the old west justice was also usually pretty swift as well. Commit a murder or even just steal a horse and you’d likely find yourself the guest of honor at a ‘necktie party’. Unfortunately for the guest of honor it was always a one way invitation, with the honoree always leaving feet first in a pine box.

Indeed hanging criminals often became a civic event back in those days, a diversion from the daily hardscrabble existence of the American West of the 19th century. People came from miles around on hangin’ day to bear witness and be entertained. Sometimes the dispensing of justice took on a carnival atmosphere with vendors selling trinkets, and there was always lots of food and kegs of beer made available for the townsfolk.

Did a hangin’ serve as a deterrent to others thinking of stealing a horse, or perhaps even committing treason? Probably not, but at least the horse thief and the traitors were held accountable for their actions. There were consequences back then for the decisions one made.

What we have been witnessing since President Donald J. Trump was elected⏤and there are indications it actually began much earlier⏤has been nothing short of an attempted, and still on-going coup d’etat against a duly elected president of the United States of America.

A coup d’etat aided and abetted by a compliant and corrupted news media, by the Socialist Democrat Party, and ultimately overseen by the former occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama.

For heavens sake how can one offer such an opinion! Accusing a former president of actively undermining, and even attempting to overthrow his successor? Well, if one believes what the news media and Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett told us for eight years, that Barack Obama was the smartest man around, then a coup d’etat must be the explanation. He must have known about it and condoned what was taking place.

Otherwise if he wasn’t aware of everything that was taking place right beneath his very nose then he wasn’t so smart after all. And certainly he would have been way too stupid to occupy the highest office in the land if he missed the massive conspiracy going on involving most of the very senior members of his administration. And that just can’t be correct, right?

No, I’m pretty convinced that Barack Obama is no dummy, and he clearly knew what was taking place. If not openly, then at the very least he was discreetly managing the operation. Always with the help of his faithful aide Valerie right by his side. At least that’s my humble opinion based on the mountain of evidence reportedly already uncovered, and more which is continuing to be revealed almost daily.

How much the leadership of the Socialist Democrats knew of and perhaps even participated in this coup d’etat is still being investigated. Their level of guilt and involvement may be in direct proportion to how hard they are fighting to get rid of this president through bogus investigations and charges. Get rid of President Trump and the investigations into their activities likely will come to a screeching halt.

That is why they are also trying to discredit anyone associated with the Trump Justice Department and Attorney General William Barr. With the help of the news media if they can discredit the investigations and create enough confusion or questions in the minds of Americans about what they did, they may indeed save their ass from a hangman’s noose.

But as for me, I wanna see hangin’s!